January 29, 2015--Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers--Click Here
January 29, 2015--ABC's Alex Stone in Phoenix for Super Bowl Prep--Click Here
January 29, 2015--Saturday is Gonzaga Day--Click Here
January 29, 2015--Balloonists set world record--Click Here
January 29, 2015--ABC's David Blaustein on movies opening this weekend--Click Here
January 29, 2015--President address House Democratic Causus--Click Here
January 29, 2015--Spokane's Ag Expo gets ready to open--Click Here
January 29, 2015--City of Spokane will get federal money to help the homeless--Click Here
January 29, 2015--KXLY's Keith Osso in Phoenix--Click Here
January 29, 2015--Movie Mom, Nell Minnow previews movies opening this weekend--Click Here
January 29, 2015--How the government is dealing with drones--Click Here
January 29, 2015--ABC's Pierre Thomas gets a behind the scenes look at Super Bowl Security--Click Here
January 29, 2015--U.S. Attorney General nominee says she'll relate better to congress--Click Here
January 28, 2015--Taima the hawk visits KXLY--Click Here
January 28, 2015--Super Bowl Media Day wrap-up and other SB49 news--Click Here
January 28, 2015--College and career fair helps kids with Spokane Public Schools--Click Here
January 28, 2015--New York City gets spared, Boston gets pummeled by storm--Click Here
January 28, 2015--GOP leaders prepared to sue President Obama--Click Here
January 27, 2015--Spokane City Coucnilman Jon Snyder on Monday's meeting--Click Here
January 27, 2015--Tim O'Doherty on special fundraising Super Bowl party--Click Here, Part Two
January 27, 2015--How Northeast storm is affecting air travel--Click Here
January 27, 2015--The latest on the blizzard slamming the Northeast--Click Here
January 27, 2015--ABC's Devin Dwyer in New Dehli, India on President's visit--Click Here
January 26, 2015--Spokane Mayor David Condon on his visit to Washington DC for mayor's conference--Click Here, Part 2
January 26, 2015--Seahawks Super Bowl collector footballs now available--Click Here
January 26, 2015--Dr. Shelly Redinger of Spokane Public Schools on levy and bond measures up for vote--Click Here
January 26, 2015--ABC's Richard Davies on the economy in the week ahead--Click Here
January 26, 2015--Japan reacts to apparent beheading of Japanese hostage held by ISIS--Click Here
January 26, 2015--How much is a lock of Abe Lincoln's hair worth?--Click Here
January 23, 2015--Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson on proposal to increase smoking age to 21--Click Here
January 23, 2015--Numbers of measles cases continue to rise, ground zero is California--Click Here
January 23, 2015--President Obama meets with YouTube channel creators, but won't meet with Isreali Prime Minister--Click Here
January 22, 2015--Rep. Marcus Riccelli on efforts to bring a medical school to WSU Spokane--Click Here
January 21, 2015--Will gas prices stay low or could we see $5 a gallon?--Click Here
January 21, 2015--Financial infidelity is common among Amcerican couples--Click Here
January 21, 2015--James Holmes jury selection continues--Click Here
January 21, 2015--White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny recaps President's State of the Union speech--Click Here
January 20, 2015--Timm Boyle with The Highland Mint on producing Super Bowl coin for coin flip--Click Here
January 20, 2015--Foreclosure numbers dip in Spokane--Click Here
January 20, 2015--A preview of the President's State of the Union address--Click Here
January 19, 2015--Rev. Happy Watkins on Martin Luther King Jr. Day--Click Here
January 19, 2015--American jobs are up, but wages are not--Click Here
January 19, 2015--USA Boxing comes to Spokane again--Click Here
January 19, 2015--Shots fired near Vice President's Deleware home--Click Here
January 19, 2015--Countries across Europe are on high alert following terror raids--Click Here
January 19, 2015--ABC's Richard Davies looks at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here
January 16, 2015--Will President Obama's pre-State of the Union tour take a bite out of his actual State of the Union speech?--Click Here
January 16, 2015--Free federal tax preparation for 70% of tax filing Americans--Click Here
January 15, 2015--ABC's Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on Al Qaeda's online video on how to make a bomb--Click Here
January 15, 2015--U.S. House votes to block President Obama's key immigration actions--Click Here
January 14, 2015--ABC's Tom Rivers in Paris as Charlie Hebdo releases its first magazine since the terrorist attack--Click Here
January 14, 2015--President Obama's State of the Union preview tour continues--Click Here
January 14, 2015--Slower tax returns and worse customer service may the future for the IRS--Click Here
January 13, 2015--Oregon vs. Ohio State National Championship game wrap-up--Click Here
January 13, 2015--France to deploy record number of troops in response to terror attacks--Click Here
January 13, 2015--McDonald's new ad campaign draws criticism--Click Here
January 13, 2015--White House admits someone of higher profile should have visited Paris for rally--Click Here
January 12, 2015--Seahawk fans camp out to buy tickets for Sunday's game--Click Here
January 12, 2015--ABC's Jason Nathonson was back stage at the Golden Globes--Click Here
January 12, 2015--A preview of the first ever college football National Championship game in Arlington, TX--Click Here
January 12, 2015--ABC's Mary Bruce on President touting his initiatives prior to State of the Union--Click Here
January 9, 2015--Spokane Senator Michael Baumgartner on legislative session getting underway on Monday--Click Here
January 9, 2015--Elway Poll shows what Washingtonians want state legislators to focus on this session--Click Here
January 9, 2015--ABC's David Blaustein reviews "Taken 3" and "Selma"--Click Here
January 9, 2015--Former FBI head releases report on NFL's Rice investigation--Click Here
January 8, 2015--Dr. Mark Anderson of Spokane Public Schools on funding education and smaller class sizes--Click Here
January 8, 2015--Rep. Timm Ormsby on Washington Legislature getting underway next week--Click Here
January 8, 2015--Crime and Terrorism Consultant Brad Garrett on Paris newspaper attack--Click Here
January 8, 2015--ABC's Tom Rivers in Paris with an update on terrorist attack at newspaper--Click Here
January 8, 2015--Movie Mom Nell Minnow with reviews of movies opening this weekend--Click Here
January 8, 2015--Researchers pull antibiotic from New England dirt--Click Here
January 7, 2015--White House issues veto threat over Keystone pipeline--Click Here
January 7, 2015--Six people die each day from alcohol poisoning and it's not college binge drinkers--Click Here
January 7, 2015--Shooting outside a satirical newspaper in Paris kills 12--Click Here
January 6, 2015--U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers on the start of the new Congress--Click Here
January 6, 2015--Jury selection continues in the "Boston Bombing" trial--Click Here
January 6, 2015--What 2015 will bring with airfares and extra fee when you fly--Click Here
January 6, 2015--ABC's Alex Stone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas--Click Here
January 5, 2015--Mark Serbousek with Spokane's street department on Level One snow event--Click Here
January 5, 2015--Jan Quintrall on Spokane's snow removal plans during this warm-up--Click Here
January 5, 2015--ABC's Jim Ryan with an update on 7 year-old plane crash survivor--Click Here
December 30, 2014--Kids Night Out Spokane information--Click Here
December 30, 2014--First Night Spokane information--Click Here
December 30, 2014--The Flu is now an epidemic--Click Here
December 30, 2014--ABC's Aviation Consultant Steve Ganyard on crash of AirAsia jetliner--Click Here
December 29, 2014--Entertainment news with ABC's David Blaustein--Click Here
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December 23, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on Christmas movie releases..Click Here
December 23, 2014--Co-Host of Mythbusters, Adam Savage on their holiday schedule..Click Here
December 23, 2014--Joy Weaver, an expert on re-gifting edict and if it's ever a good idea..Click Here

December 22, 2014--Local insurance broker a book called "Simplifying Obama Care"--Click Here

December 22, 2014--Entertainment news with ABC's Andrea Dresdale--Click Here

December 22, 2014--Rising tensions in New York after two police officers killed--Click Here

December 22, 2014--U.S. mulls putting North Korea on terrorism sponsor list--Click Here

December 22, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies looks at holiday shopping and the economy this week--Click Here

December 19, 2014--Mayor David Condon on DOJ Spokane Police recommendations- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

December 19, 2014--Senator Mark Schoessler on the Governor's proposed budget-Click Here

December 19, 2014--A sword swallower going for a world record--Click Here

December 19, 2014--Blessings Under the Bridge Holiday Event--Click Here

December 18, 2014--Movie Mom--Click Here

December 18, 2014--ABC's Brad Garrett on Sony hack--Click Here

December 18, 2014--"The Interview" movie is scrapped and government officials say North Korea is behind Sony hack--Click Here

December 17, 2014--City of Spokane wants neighborhoods to tell their story--Click Here

December 17, 2014--American is released from Cuban prison, plus President announces new relations with Cuba--Click Here

December 17, 2014--Latest on Pakistan school massacre--Click Here

December 17, 2014--President Obama to sign new Russian sanctions--Click Here

December 16, 2014--Governor Jay Inslee on his proposed education budget--Click Here, Part 2

December 16, 2014--Spokane city council adopts school zone speed camera pilot program--Click Here

December 16, 2014--Congress approval rating at an all time low--Click Here

December 16, 2014--Sydney seige ends-takes the life of a former WSU student--Click Here

December 16, 2014--Holiday travel deals--Click Here

December 15, 2014--Spokane Alliance calls on city council to pass jobs ordinance--Click Here

December 15, 2014--Sidney Australia on edge with hostage situation at cafe--Click Here

December 15, 2014--UPS hopes for a merrier Christmas in 2014--Click Here

December 15, 2014--Deadline arrives to sign up for health insurance that starts January 1st--Click Here

December 15, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies with a look at falling oil prices--Click Here

December 12, 2014--Wreaths Across America will hold ceremony in Spokane on Saturday--Click Here

December 12, 2014--EWU Athletic Director Bill Chaves on Eagles game this weekend--Click Here

December 12, 2014--Movie reviews of Exodux, and Top Five--Click Here

December 12, 2014--Lawmakers scramble to pass a spending bill--Click Here

December 12, 2014--CIA Director defends agency after shocking torture report--Click Here

December 11, 2014--Spokane and Coeur d'Alene mayors challenge each other in a "red kettle" donation race--Click Here

December 11, 2014--Local firefighters help Santa visit Spokane neighborhoods--Click Here

December 11, 2014--Carriage rides in downtown Spokane spread holiday spirit--Click Here

December 11, 2014--Spokane biker club raises money and toys for local charities--Click Here

December 11, 2014--NFL team owners adopt new player code of conduct--Click Here

December 11, 2014--Author of "Legacy of Ashes" talks about CIA Torture Report--Click Here

December 10, 2014--Toys For Tots is underway in Spokane and needs your donations--Click Here

December 10, 2014--How to keep out of criminal's reach this holiday season--Click Here

December 10, 2014--Possible terrorism consequences from torture report--Click Here

December 10, 2014--President Obama responds to CIA torture report--Click Here

December 9, 2014--Rep. Kevin Parker on state's proposal of a "road-usage" fee instead of increasing the gas tax--Click Here

December 9, 2014--Washington's survey of drivers about pot usage--Click Here

December 9, 2014--Public vs. home bathrooms-Which has more germs?--Click Here

December 9, 2014--Colorado pot growers have a problem-too much money--Click Here

December 9, 2014--New investigation into police body cameras reveals their effectiveness--Click Here

December 9, 2014--White House expresses concern over release of CIA torture report--Click Here

December 8, 2014--Alex Stone in L.A. where fire consumes two high rise buildings--Click Here

December 8, 2014--The flu hits and the vaccine doesn't work--Click Here

December 8, 2014--The royal couple arrives in New York--Click Here

December 8, 2014--The President meets with Prince William, and Stephen Colbert--Click Here

December 8, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies takes a look at the economy this week--Click Here

December 5, 2014--Entertainment news with ABC's Matt Wolfe--Click Here

December 5, 2014--Idaho State Police use a drone to investigate--Click Here

December 5, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on the President naming Ashton Carter as Defense Secretary--Click Here

December 4, 2014--UPS gets ready for a busy holiday season-shipping tips--Click Here

December 4, 2014--Nell Minnow, Movie Mom with reviews of movies opening this weekend--Click Here

December 4, 2014--ABC's Brad Garrett on avoiding excessive force incidents--Click Here

December 4, 2014--Reaction to grand jury voting not to indict officer in NYC chokehold case--Click Here

December 4, 2014--NASA scraps it's launch of Orion spacecraft for the day--Click Here

December 3, 2014--U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers on ABLE Act of 2015--Click Here

December 3, 2014--Rep. Marcus Riccelli on new legislation to help bring WSU medical school to Spokane--Click Here

December 3, 2014--Better Business Bureau on holiday scams--Click Here

December 3, 2014--President Obama to name new Defense Secretary--Click Here

December 3, 2014--Are monkeys smarter shoppers than humans?--Click Here

December 3, 2014--Costs of "12 Days of Christmas" gifts up slightly from last year--Click Here

December 2, 2014--Avista's sweater generator raises money for Boys and Girls Club--Click Here

December 2, 2014--Love-a-Thon at the Spokane Humane Society for #GiveTuesday--Click Here

December 2, 2014--Plastic surgery becomes more popular thanks to social media--Click Here

December 2, 2014--The Ferguson Commission meets for the first time and it didn't go so well--Click Here

December 2, 2014--Trouble in Toyland study reveals toxic toys--Click Here

December 2, 2014--President Obama asks for $263 Million for police body cameras--Click Here

November 28, 2014--Hope for the Holidays with Spokane's Union Gospel Mission--Click Here, Part 2, Part 3

November 28, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky at Macy's in NYC for Black Friday shopping--Click Here

November 28, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan from Ferguson, MO--Click Here

November 26, 2014--Spokane's Turkey Trot--Click Here

November 26, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan in Ferguson, MO--Click Here

November 26, 2014--President Obama prepares for Thanksgiving and what's ahead--Click Here

November 26, 2014--Is Black Friday all that is used to be?--Click Here

November 26, 2014--New York Times Food Columnist Melissa Clark on regional Thanksgiving foods--Click Here

November 25, 2014--Council President Ben Stuckart on voting down pay raises for Mayor's cabinet--Click Here

November 25, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan in Ferguson, MO--Click Here

November 25, 2014--Movie reviews with David Blaustein--Click Here

November 25, 2014--FDA releases final rules for calorie counts on menus--Click Here

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November 24, 2014--Movie Mom Nell Minnow with movies opening up this holiday weekend--Click Here

November 24, 2014--ABC's Jason Nathanson on the AMA's--Click Here

November 24, 2014--Foreign Policy's Shane Harris on military's "internet" branch of government dealing with cyber attacks--Click Here

November 24, 2014--Why Black Friday is losing it's luster--Click Here

November 21, 2014--Washington state senate begins historical live remote video testimony--Click Here

November 21, 2014--Mt. Sopkane GM Brad McQuarrie on newly approved expansion of ski resort--Click Here

November 21, 2014--Marc Rosenblum with the Migration Policy Institute on President Obama's immigration action--Click Here

November 21, 2014--Ferguson, MO anxiously awaits grand jury's decision--Click Here

November 21, 2014--ABC's Chief Investigative reporter Brian Ross on recalled products being sold on Craigslist--Click Here

November 20, 2014--Local veterans heal through art, poetry and stories--Click Here

November 20, 2014--Movie Mom, Nell Minnow with a review of new Hunger Games movie--Click Here

November 20, 2014--Crime and Terrorism analyst Brad Garrett on tense situation in Ferguson, MO--Click Here

November 20, 2014--Get ready for more extreme weather--Click Here

November 20, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce with a preview of President's address to the nation on immigration reform--Click Here

November 20, 2014--Somebody is flying drones too close to commercial airlines in New York--Click Here

November 19, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein with entertainment news--Click Here

November 19, 2014--Oxford Dictionary's word of the year--Click Here

November 19, 2014--ABC's Jordana Miller in Jerusalem on synagogue attack--Click Here

November 19, 2014--Keystone XL Pipeline vote fails in the Senate--Click Here

November 14, 2014--Open enrollment for Washington's health care exchange--Click Here

November 14, 2014--Spokane singer/songwriter Jim Boyd will receive Lifetime Acheivement Award at Native American Music Ceremony--Click Here

November 14, 2014--Kim Zetter, reporter for Wired on historical Stuxnet cyber virus--Click Here

November 14, 2014--Congress set to vote Friday on Keystone XL pipeline--Click Here

November 13, 2014--20K for SYSA fundraiser is underway--Click Here

November 13, 2014--Movie Mom, Nell Minnow reviews movies opening this weekend--Click Here

November 13, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on spike in officer-involved shooting--Click Here

November 13, 2014--Dr. Robert Graboyes on Obamacare--Click Here

November 13, 2014--ABC's Kirit Radia from Russia on reports of Russian troops moving into Ukraine--Click Here

November 12, 2014--International etiquette expert on President Obama's gum chewing problem--Click Here

November 12, 2014--Enough about Norovirus and Ebola-Scientists have discovered a "stupidity virus"--Click Here

November 12, 2014--Rosetta mission controllers hope to make historical landing of mini spacecraft on comet--Click Here

November 11, 2014--Spokane Veteran's Memorial Arena holds annual Veteran's Day ceremony--Click Here

November 11, 2014--Honor Point Military and Aerospace Museum holds Veteran's Day ceremony--Click Here

November 11, 2014--Spokane City Councilman Mike Fagan on city council's actions Monday--Click Here

November 11, 2014--VA gets ready for massive restructuring--Click Here

November 11, 2014--America is Ebola-free--Click Here

November 11, 2014--President meets with congressional leaders and rough seas may be ahead--Click Here

November 11, 2014--Holiday airfares and how to find a deal--Click Here

November 10, 2014--Marty Callahan from the American Legion on the post VA scandal initiatives--Click Here

November 10, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on ebola patient, Casey Hickox--Click Here

November 10, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein with weekend box office reviews--Click Here

November 7, 2014--Logan Against Lyme Benefit on Saturday--Click Here

November 7, 2014--American football in London--Click Here

November 7, 2014--Author Marc Eliot on his new biography "American Titan: Searching for John Wayne"--Click Here

November 7, 2014--Foreign Policy Magazine writer Christian Caryl on the fall fo the Berlin wall and Russia today--Click Here

November 6, 2014--Stevens County emergency services train for disaster and help Northport High School students--Click Here

November 6, 2014--Movie Mom, Nell Minnow with movie reivews for this weekend--Click Here

November 6, 2014--New study on sexual assaults on college campuses--Click Here

November 6, 2014--ABC's Hunter Kelly on the Country Music Awards--Click Here

November 6, 2014--New study on whether violent media leads to violent acts in real life--Click Here

November 5, 2014--Election 2014: U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers on a new political dynamic on Capitol Hill--Click Here, Part 2

November 5, 2014--Election 2014: Sen. Michael Baumgartner on his win over Rich Cowan--Click Here

November 5, 2014--Election 2014: Rep. Kevin Parker on getting back to work in the state legislature--Click Here

November 5, 2014--Election 2014: Spokane Mayor David Condon on street and park measures passing--Click Here

November 5, 2014--Election 2014: Senate results from Kentucky, North Carolina and New Hampshire--Click Here

November 5, 2014--Election 2014: ABC's Alex Stone with results from key states like Alaska, Iowa & Colorado--Click Here

November 5, 2014--Election 2014: White House Correspondent Mary Bruce on what's next after results of this mid-term election--Click Here

November 5, 2014--Election 2014: ABC's Political Analyst Steve Roberts on Republicans taking control of the Senate--Click Here

November 4, 2014--Election 2014: Spokane County Elections Manager Mike McLaughlin on voter turnout--Click Here

November 4, 2014--Election 2014: ABC's Mary Bruce on White House hoping for the best but preparing for the worst--Click Here

November 4, 2014--Spokane City Councilwoman Candace Mumm on vote to reduce taxes for businesses with card rooms--Click Here

November 3, 2014--Mike Utley on his foundation and helping build new terrain park at St. Luke's Rehabilitation Center--Click Here

November 3, 2014--ABC's Matt Wolfe on Swiftamine--Click Here

November 3, 2014--Virgin Galactic Spacecraft investigation could take a year--Click Here

November 3, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies on how mid-term elections could affect Wall Street--Click Here

October 31, 2014--Mayor David Condon and Council President Ben Stuckart on city streets and park bonds--Click Here, Part 2

October 31, 2014--Princess party at Fire District 9 for special needs kids--Click Here

October 31, 2014--Officer Teresa Fuller on Halloween safety--Click Here

October 31, 2014--S.C.O.P.E. stations in Spokane offer safe treats for Halloween--Click Here

October 31, 2014--Movie reviews with David Blaustein--Click Here

October 31, 2014--Former aerospace engineer posts Youtube video about aliens--Click Here

October 31, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on the President in Rhode Island--Click Here

October 30, 2014--Movie Mom reviews scary movies opening this Halloween weekend--Click Here

October 30, 2014--Local dentist offers to buy back children's Halloween candy--Click Here

October 30, 2014--IT experts predict a catastrophic cyber-attack by 2025--Click Here

October 30, 2014--Nurse Kaci Hickox defies Ebola self-quarantine--Click Here

October 30, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on Game 7 of the World Series--Click Here

October 29, 2014--Argument in favor of oil and coal trains passing through Spokane--Click Here

October 29, 2014--Spooky Spokane Tour to raise money for Spokane Police Chaplaincy--Click Here

October 29, 2014--President Obama rebukes state-issued Ebola quarantine rules--Click Here

October 29, 2014--FTC sues AT&T for "throttling" customers with unlimited plans--Click Here

October 29, 2014--New Ebola vaccine cleared for clinical trials in Switzerland--Click Here

October 28, 2014--Election 2014: "Yes" on Initiative 591 dealing with gun restrictions--Click Here

October 28, 2014--Election 2014: "Yes" on Initiative 594 dealing with gun restrictions--Click Here

October 28, 2014--City Councilwoman Amber Waldref on the Spokane budget--Click Here

October 27, 2014--Election 2014: "Yes" on Initiative 1351 dealing with classroom size--Click Here

October 27, 2014--Election 2014: "No" on Initiative 1351 dealing with classroom size--Click Here

October 27, 2014--Election 2014: Spokane County Prosecurotr-Larry Haskell--Click Here

October 27, 2014--Election 2014: Spokane County Prosecutor-Breean Beggs--Click Here

October 27, 2014--ABC's Matt Wolfe on entertainment world this week--Click Here

October 27, 2014--Fallout from West Point's recruitment party involving booze and women--Click Here

October 27, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on President meeting with Ebola team on quarantine policies--Click Here

October 24, 2014--Spokane Mayor David Condon on street levy. parks bond and city's credit rating--Click Here, Part 2

October 24, 2014--Election 2014: 4th Legislative District, House Pos. 2, Matt Sea--Click Here

October 24, 2014--Election 2014: 4th Legislative District, House Pos. 2, Josh Arritola--Click Here

October 24, 2014--Election 2014: 6th Legislative District, House Pos. 2, Ziggy Siegfried--Click Here

October 24, 2014--Election 2014: 4th Legislative District, House Pos. 1, Diana Wilhite--Click Here

October 24, 2014--Election 2014: 4th Legislative District, House Pos. 1, Bob McCaslin--Click Here

October 24, 2014--Doctor in New York tests positive for Ebola--Click Here

October 24, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein's movie reviews--Click Here

October 24, 2014--What's your biggest fear? A new study has the top 5--Click Here

October 24, 2014--Ebola case in New York could put pressure on President to issue travel restrictions--Click Here

October 23, 2014--Election 2014--6th Legislative District Pos. 1, Kevin Parker--Click Here

October 23, 2014--Election 2014--6th Legislative District Pos. 1, Donald Dover--Click Here

October 23, 2014--Election 2014--6th Legislative District Pos. 2, Jeff Holy--Click Here

October 23, 2014--Movie Mom Nell Minnow reviews the movies opening this weekend--Click Here

October 23, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on Ottawa and increased threat--Click Here

October 23, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky from Ottawa on recent deadly shooting at Parliament--Click Here

October 22, 2014--Election 2014: 3rd Legistlative District Pos. 1, Marcus Riccelli--Click Here

October 22, 2014--Election 2014: 3rd Legistlative District Pos. 1, Tim Benn--Click Here

October 22, 2014--Election 2014: 3rd Legislative District Pos. 2, Timm Ormsby--Click Here

October 22, 2014--Election 2014: 3rd Legislative District Pos. 2, Paul Delaney--Click Here

October 22, 2014--MLB wants to shorten the average baseball game--Click Here

October 22, 2014--Texas to get an Ebola treatment and containment facility--Click Here

October 22, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on the Ebola Czar's first day on the job--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Election 2014: Spokane County Sheriff-Ozzie Knezovich--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Election 2014: Spokane County Sheriff-Douglas Orr--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Election 2014: 6th Legislative District-Senator Michael Baumgartner--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Election 2014: 6th Legislative District-Rich Cowan--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Senator Patty Murray on hosting women's roundtable with Spokane leaders--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart on council meeting--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Monica Lewinsky makes public return with speech in Philadelphia--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Day of reckoning for Oscar Pistorius--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Breaking Bad action figure in toy stores causes controversy--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Evidence is mounting against Monster Energy drinks--Click Here

October 20, 2014--Election 2014: U.S. Congress 5th District-Cathy McMorris Rodgers--Click Here

October 20, 2014--Election 2014: U.S. Congress 5th District-Joe Pakootas--Click Here

October 20, 2014--Election 2014: County Commission-Al French--Click Here

October 20, 2014--Election 2014: County Commission-Mary Lou Johnson--Click Here

October 20, 2014--Get ready for Apple Pay--Click Here

October 20, 2014--An update on Ebola in the U.S--Click Here

October 20, 2014--A look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

October 17, 2014--Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman on upcoming general election--Click Here

October 17, 2014--A chance to run with the Zombies and raise money for charity--Click Here

October 17, 2014--One of the performers from "The Blueman Group" talks about Spokane shows--Click Here

October 17, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews "Fury" and "The Best of Me"--Click Here

October 17, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on President naming an Ebola Czar--Click Here

October 16, 2014--Homes for Heroes comes to Spokane--Click Here

October 16, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on federal government's response to Ebola--Click Here

October 16, 2014--Dallas Mayor says Ebola crisis will "get worse before it gets better."--Click Here

October 16, 2014--Texas Ebola patient transferred to hospital in Atlanta--Click Here

October 16, 2014--Nell Minnow, Movie Mom on movies opening this weekend--Click Here

October 15, 2014--Will Apple iPay be a good thing?--Click Here

October 15, 2014--Dr. Patrick Joseph on Ebola precautions--Click Here

October 14, 2014--Spokane City Councilwoman Karen Stratton on the latest from City Council--Click Here

October 14, 2014--Gas prices are expected to drop in Spokane--Click Here

October 14, 2014--U.S. military warns that climate change is the next security threat--Click Here

October 14, 2014--An update on the Ebola-infected nurse in Dallas--Click Here

October 14, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on what the Obama administration is doing to combat Ebola in the U.S.--Click Here

October 13, 2014--Dallas nurse who treated man with Ebola, now has Ebola herself--Click Here

October 13, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on Comic-Con in New York--Click Here

October 13, 2014--Cities like Seattle change Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day--Click Here

October 13, 2014--Turkey allows U.S military to use bases for attacks on ISIS--Click Here

October 10, 2014--Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart on Mayor's budget proposal--Click Here

October 10, 2014--Movie watchdog group gives out it's first seal of approval--Click Here

October 10, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews "The Judge"--Click Here

October 10, 2014--3-thousand Army soldiers will depart for Ebola's ground zero--Click Here

October 10, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on the President pushing the economy as mid-term elections near--Click Here

October 9, 2014--Beyond Pink event at Convention Center aims to raise money for women to get thermal imaging--Click Here

October 9, 2014--Spokane is neck and neck in quest to be America's Favorite Riverfront City--Click Here

October 9, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on how to track down radicalized young people looking to join ISIS--Click Here

October 9, 2014--Nurse Jean  Ross explains why a new survey says most hospitals are not ready to deal with Ebola--Click Here

October 9, 2014--Dr. Robert Glatter explains what happens to the body when infected with Ebola--Click Here

October 8, 2014--Home Depot helps local veterans by renovating veteran housing in Spokane--Click Here

October 8, 2014--WSU Chancellor Lisa Brown on bringing medical school to Spokane--Click Here

October 8, 2014--Spokane Falls Community College offers new Orthotics-Prosthetics Program--Click Here

October 8, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein with today's entertainment news--Click Here

October 8, 2014--First is was #Bendgate, now it's #Hairgate-iPhone 6 tears out hair--Click Here

October 8, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on President's fundraising agenda--Click Here

October 7, 2014--Spokane City Councilwoman Candace Mumm on receiving Mayor's line-item budget--Click Here

October 7, 2014--U.S. health officials hope to stop Ebola at the border--Click Here

October 7, 2014--Hands-free in-car devices may be as distracting as cell phones--Click Here

October 6, 2014--Teen "sexting" and what it could lead to--Click Here

October 6, 2014--UCLA Professor of Constitutional Law, Adam Winkler on topics the U.S. Supreme Court may take on--Click Here

October 6, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on "Gone Girl" taking top spot at the box office and Charlie Sheen in trouble with dental assistant--Click Here

October 6, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies looks at employment in the U.S. and other financial news of the day--Click Here

October 3, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on the weekend movie releases--Click Here

October 3, 2014--Bill Chaves, EWU athletic director about the second ranked Eagles finally getting to play at home again--Click Here

October 3, 2014-- Create Spokane Executive Director Shannon Halberstadt on the 2014 Visual Arts Tour--Click Here

October 3, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies on if the U.S will bounce back from the August report--Click Here

October 3, 2014--Spokanimal Executive Director, Gail Mackie, talked to us about their PAWTY event--Click Here

October 2, 2014--Kim Papich from Spokane Regional Health District on Spokane hospital's readiness for Ebola--Click Here

October 2, 2014--Senator Mike Padden brings Law and Justice committee meeting to Spokane--Click Here

October 2, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on what's wrong with the Secret Service--Click Here

October 2, 2014--Secret Service Director resigns amid White House controversy--Click Here

October 1, 2014--Former astronaut Mark Kelly and his wife former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords have written a book called "Enough: Our fight to keep America safe from gun violence"--Click Here

October 1, 2014--Dr. Daniel Kopans of Harvard Medical School on early detection of breast cancer--Click Here

October 1, 2014--Spokane's historic Steam Plant will light up in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month--Click Here

October 1, 2014--First Ebola case diagnosed in the United States--Click Here

October 1, 2014--Cancer Care Northwest Surgical Oncologist Dr. Maryam Parviz on Breast Cancer Awareness Month--Click Here

October 1, 2014--If your favorite NFL team stinks, you can still watch the game-maybe--Click Here

October 1, 2014--Secret Service Director is in the hot seat for security breaches at the White House--Click Here

September 30, 2014--Washington DOT wants your help counting bicyclists and pedestrians in Spokane--Click Here

September 30, 2014--European airlines allow people to use cell phones in-flight. Will it happen soon to U.S. airlines?--Click Here

September 30, 2014--ABC's Cheri Preson on ISIS moving closer to Baghdad--Click Here

September 29, 2014--Actor Kurt Fuller on his role in new ABC show "Manhattan Love Story"--Click Here

September 29, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on George Clooney's wedding--Click Here

September 29, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies looks at the economy this week--Click Here

September 26, 2014--U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodger on AG Holde


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