April 18, 2014--Spokane marathoner Nicole Lund talks about running the Boston Marathon for the first time--Click Here

April 18, 2014--Retiring CEO of Greater Spokane Incorporated talks about leaving GSI, his accomplishments and the economic future of Spokane--Click Here

April 18, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews 'Transcendence' and 'Heaven is For Real'--Click Here

April 18, 2014--Search for surivors of capsized ferry continues--Click Here

April 18, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy updates the crisis in Ukraine--Click Here

April 18, 2014--Facebook rolls out a feature that lets you track your friends in real time--Click Here

April 17, 2014-- The Washington man behind the iconic Boston Marathon Bombing photo, Bill Iffrig joined us live to talk about Bloomsday and his future marathons. --Click Here

April 17, 2014-- Today is thre first of three mock crashes at local high schools to raise awarness about drunk driving. Paul Fuchs with Project Imprint gave us the details.--Click Here

April 17, 2014-- ABC's Brad Garret on public event security measures since the Boston Marathon Bombing.--Click Here

April 17, 2014-- President Obama stepped up the pressure on House Republicans yesterday to take up Immigration Reform. ABC's Ann Compton on the details: --Click Here

April 16, 2014--Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers on possible medical school in Spokane and higher education--Click Here

April 16, 2014--Senator Andy Billig on possible shift in power with Senator Rodney Tom's retirement and possible medical school in Spokane-Click Here

April 16, 2014--The Lohan family's exploits and Mile Cyrus is sick--Click Here

April 16, 2014--ABC's White House Correspondent Ann Compton on events in Ukraine and immigration reform--Click Here

April 16, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on how Heartbleed is about to get worse--Click Here

April 15, 2014--Spokane city councilman Mike Fagan on Logan developement and timely investigations into officer-involved shootings--Click Here

April 15, 2014--Boston remembers the one year anniversary of the bombings--Click Here

April 15, 2014--Bloomsday founder Don Kardong on race entries and late registration--Click Here

April 15, 2014--Last minute Tax Tips--Click Here

April 15, 2014--Changes coming to frequent flyer programs that you may not like--Click Here

April 14, 2014--Former Gonzaga women's basketball coach Kelly Graves about leaving for University of Oregon--Click Here

April 14, 2014--Entertainment report with David Blaustein--Click Here

April 14, 2014--President speaks about Kansas shooting--Click Here

Arpil 14, 2014--Three dead in Kansas Jewish community center shooting--Click here

April 14, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies with a look at the economy this week--Click Here

April 4, 2014--Spokane's Shriners Children's Hospital will offer free health screening this weekend--Click Here

April 4, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on 'Captain America' sequal opening Friday--Click Here

April 4, 2014--The FDA approves a drug overdose antidote for home use--Click Here

April 4, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on controversial paternity leave for Mets player Daniel Murphy--Click Here

April 4, 2014--Political analyst Rick Klein with a preview of "This Week with George Stephanopoulos"--Click Here

April 4, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on new jobs numbers and White House response to Ft. Hood shooting--Click Here

April 3, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on Fort Hood shooting--Click Here

April 3, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on FBI seizing thousands of artifacts from 91-year-old man's property--Click Here

April 3, 2014--Movie Mom Nell Minnow loves Captain America--Click Here

April 2, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on Linda Ronstadt and the How I Met Your Mother finale--Click Here

April 2, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on successful prsecution of Osama bin Laden's son-in-law--Click Here

April 2, 2014--New study on bullying finds popular teens are not immune--Click Here

April 2, 2014--GM CEO grilled by lawmakers over faulty ignition switches--Click Here

April 1, 2014--Spokane City Councilmember Amber Waldref on Mayor's veto of urban sprawl ordinance--Click Here

April 1, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan on Bigfoot hoax and the Spokane connection--Click Here

April 1, 2014--Rearview cameras will become commonplace in American-made vehicles--Click Here

April 1, 2014--ABC's Political Analyst Trey Hardin on 2016 GOP Presidential positioning--Click Here

April 1, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on Monday's deadline to sign up for Obamacare--Click Here

March 31, 2014--Grearter Spokane County Meals on Wheels needs volunteers--Click Here

March 31, 2014--"Stiletto Murder" trail gets underway--Click Here

March 31, 2014--The latest on efforts to find missing Malaysian airliner--Click Here

March 31, 2014--ABc's David Blaustein on "Frozen" and "Noah"--Click Here

March 31, 2014--ABC's White House Correspondent Ann Compton on deadline for Obamacare--Click Here

March 31, 2014--A look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

March 28, 2014-Al Gilson from the DOT on construction and studded tires.--Click Here

March 28, 2014-ABC's David Blaustein reviews "Noah"--Click Here

March 26, 2014--ABC's Alex Stone on site of the Oso mudslide--Click Here

March 26, 2014--WA National Guard will head to Oso to help with recovery efforts in the aftermath of mudslide--Click Here

March 26, 2014--Chris Gardner, the man whose life story is portrayed in the movie "Pursuit of Happiness" will speak at Women Helping Women luncheon in Spokane--Click Here, Part 2

March 26, 2014--Spokane's Logan neighborhood fights new drive-thru McDonald's--Click Here

March 26, 2014--Gwenyth Paltrow splits from hubby, and stalker scares Taylor Swift--Click Here

March 26, 2014--Search for the missing Malaysian airliner narrows--Click Here

March 25, 2014--Spokane Red Cross sends volunteers to mudslide scene--Click Here

March 25, 2014--ABC's Alex Stone on site of Oso mudslide--Click Here

March 25, 2014--Spokane City Council passes ordinances dealing with livestock within city limits and a new way to catch school zone speeders--Click Here

March 25, 2014--WSU Spokane's master plan looks ahead at the next 10 years--Click Here

March 25, 2014--Tax Tips #3--Click Here

March 25, 2014--2013's Airline with most passengers may surprise you--Click Here

March 25, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton in The Netherlands for nuclear security summit--Click Here

March 24, 2014--Spokane family stuck in Texas as oil spill affects cruise ships--Click Here

March 24, 2014--Spokane city council considers expanding backyard farming-S & P Homestead Farm weighs in--Click Here

March 24, 2014--Updates on the missing Malaysian airliner--Click Here

March 24, 2014--Study shows fewer Americans are drinking the daily cup of coffee--Click Here

March 24, 2014--A look at the economy this week with ABC's Richard Davies--Click Here

March 21, 2014--Black Friday on second day of Spring? Big box retailers roll out the sales--Click Here

March 21, 2014--President Obama issues more sanctions against Russia--Click Here

March 21, 2014--20,000 taxpayers victimized by largest IRS phone scam ever--Click Here

March 21, 2014--"Divergent" and new Muppet movie hit theatres this weekend--Click Here

March 20, 2014--U.S Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers in Spokane on District work break--Click Here Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

March 20, 2014--More evidence that Spokane is a great sport town-Spokane welcomes the NCAA tournament on Thursday--Click Here

March 20, 2014--Gonzaga Women's basketball head coach Kelly Graves on heading to the NCAA tournament--Click Here

March 20, 2014--Crime and Terrorism consultant Brad Garrett on what investigators think is the most likely cause of the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370--Click Here

March 20, 2014--Focal point of search for missing Malaysian airliner shifts to new location--Click Here

March 20, 2014--ABC's Ann Comptom on President Obama ready to blame Russia is violence breaks out in Ukraine--Click Here

March 19, 2014--March Madness hits the Spokane Arena on Thursday with practice open to the public on Wednesday--Click Here

March 19, 2014--County Commissioner Todd Mielke on city's "urban sprawl" decision--Click Here

March 19, 2014--Entertainment report with ABC's David Blaustein--Click Here

March 19, 2014--Obamacare tries to reach young people with March Madness ties--Click Here

March 19, 2014--White House correspondent Ann Compton on threat of more sanctions against Russia--Click Here

March 18, 2014--Spokane Council President Ben Stuckart on council's "urban sprawl" decision Monday--Click Here

March 18, 2014--Former hostages in Tehran share their story of love and survival in new book--Click Here

March 18, 2014--President Obama issues sanctions against Russia-Will they matter?--Click Here

March 18, 2014--General Motors widens it's recall orders--Click Here

March 17, 2014--Bleacher Report's college basketball sports writer, Jason King shares his analysis of NCAA Tournament--Click Here

March 17, 2014--Actor Wayne Knight really isn't dead--Click Here

March 17, 2014--New study begins on turning nutrients found in dark chocolate into pills to prevent heart attacks and stroke--Click Here

March 17, 2014--ABC's Tom Rivers on missing Malaysian airliner and focus on pilots--Click Here

March 14, 2014--Longer schools days for Spokane Public Schools kids. Dr. Shelley Redinger on how you can have input--Click Here

March 14, 2014--Hawaiian Daze at 49 Degrees North this weekend--Click Here

March 14, 2014--Movie reviews of "Veronica Mars" and "Need for Speed"--Click Here

March 14, 2014--New information and new theories in the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines plane--Click Here

March 14, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy on talks between U.S. and Russia about Ukraine crisis--Click Here

March 14, 2014--Aborted plane landing in Philly--Click Here

March 12, 2014--Muppets, Kardashians and Jaun Pablo-David Blaustein has his entertainment update--Click Here

March 12, 2014--ABC's Andy Field on Senate intel Chair accusing CIA of spying on Congress--Click Here

March 12, 2014--Update on missing Malaysia Airlines plane--Click Here

March 12, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on meeting with Ukrain Prime Minister and "Between Two Ferns" criticism--Click Here

March 11, 2014--Tax Tips #2--Click here

March 11, 2014--Boston Marathon doubles security for 2014 race--Click Here

March 11, 2014--White House urges Russia to seize "off-ramp" option with crisis in Ukraine--Click Here

March 11, 2014--New details in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines plane--Click Here

March 10, 2014--Get ready for the St. Patty's Day Parade in downtown Spokane--Click Here

March 10, 2014--Avalanche danger is increasing in Idaho and Washington's backcountry--Click Here

March 10, 2014--President Obama set to visit with Ukraine Prime Minister this week--Click Here

March 10, 2014--Searchers finding no clues in the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines plane--Click Here

March 10, 2014--A look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

March 7, 2014--Senator Michael Baumgartner's resolution honoring WSU's football team of 1915--Click Here

March 7, 2014-- Author Jeff Pearlman on his new book "Showtime" about the LA Lakers Dynasty of the 1980's--Click Here

March 7, 2014--Ad companies ask Girl Scouts to end partnership with Barbie--Click Here

March 7, 2014--ABC's Jason Nathonson with reviews of movies opening this weekend--Click Here

March 7, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on the Ukraine crisis--Click Here

March 6, 2014--STA tests out all-electric bus--Click Here

March 6, 2014--Warming trend is going to stick around--Click Here

March 6, 2014--Spokane Police Department's Chronic Offender Unit gets underway--Click Here

March 6, 2014--Legalizing recreational pot poses problems for Washington, Colorado and the federal government--Click Here

March 6, 2014--Nell Minnow, Movie Mom previews "Mr. Peabody"--Click Here

March 6, 2014--SAT's are getting an overhaul--Click Here

March 5, 2014--Avista explains projects behind rate increases--Click Here

March 5, 2014--Carry-on bag too big? One airline will start cracking down on offenders--Click Here

March 5, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on President's reaction to Ukraine situation and release of the President's budget--Click Here

March 5, 2014--18 year old sues parents for financial support and college tuition--Click Here

March 5, 2014--Oprah scolds Lindsay Lohan and other entertainment news with Matt Wolfe--Click Here

March 4, 2014--Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Gregory on standoff and officer involved shooting in Spokane Valley--Click Here

March 4, 2014--"Invent Idaho" gets underway-Meet Cannon who has invented something parents could use--Click Here

March 4, 2014--Central Valley School District's Melanie Rose on bomb threat at University High School--Click Here

March 4, 2014--Ukraine crisis continues as Russia tightens grip on Crimea--Click Here

March 4, 2014--President Obama presents his 2015 budget--Click Here

March 4, 2014--Federal Lawsuit regarding Vietnam veterans with PTSD seeks class-action status--Click Here

March 3, 2014--"Call Before You Dig" campaign gets underway in the region just in time for home project season--Click Here

March 3, 2014--David Blaustein was at the Oscars, and breaks down the list of winners and losers--Click Here

March 3, 2014--Tensions between Russia and Ukraine increase and the Obama Administration reacts--Click Here

March 3, 2014--A look at the economy this week--Click Here

February 28, 2014-- A new documentary on the Barefoot bandit is coming out called "Fly Colt Fly."--Click Here

February 28, 2014-- Hoopfest Executive Director RickSteltenpohl joined us to talk about his resignation from the organization --Click Here

February 28, 2014-- Chris Marr with the Washington State Liquor Control Board talks on the state moving ahead with Initiative 502.--Click Here

February 28, 2014-- The Oscars are this Sunday. ABC's David Blaustein talks about the nominees. --Part One --Part Two

February 28, 2014--Is Big Brother watching you? ABC's Scott Goldberg talks on how an agency was grabbing footage from webcams. --Click Here

February 27, 2014-- Spokane is hosting two national events this weekend. Dana Hayne from the Spokane Sports Commission joined us with the details -Click Here

February 27, 2014-- Why are we so drawn to crime stories in the movies? ABC's Brad Garrett explains--Click Here

February 27, 2014-- The FDA is making some changes to food labels. ABC's Steven Portnoy tells us what it will mean for consumers --Click Here

February 25, 2014--Spokane City Council member Jon Snyder on council's decision to be "neutral"  with STEP--Click Here

February 25, 2014--WA Sen. Michael Baumgartner on Senate's supplemental budget proposal--Click Here

February 25, 2014--WA Liquor Control Board will look at creating new rules about state's liquor distribution tax--Click Here

February 25, 2014--Tax Tips #1--Click Here

February 25, 2014--Pentagon proposes astonishing cuts to the nation's defense budget--Click Here

February 25, 2014--Taco Bell takes on McDonald's with a new breakfast lineup--Click Here

February 25, 2014--Farecompare's Rick Seaney on airfares going up and who will pay more--Click Here

February 24, 2014--Final wrap-up from Sochi, Russia with ABC's Jim Ryan--Click Here

February 24, 2014--President Obama hosts nation's Governors and offers budget proposal dealing with funding for wildfires--Click Here

February 24, 2014--One dead after carbon-monoxide leak at NY mall, dozens of others hospitalized--Click Here

February 24, 2014--Spokane Aids Network gets ready for Oscar night bash--Click Here

February 21, 2014--Rep. Kevin Parker explains his human trafficking bill--Click Here

February 21, 2014--Restaurant Week kicks off Friday in the Inland Northwest--Click Here

February 21, 2014--Mead School District holds a robotic competition this weekend--Click Here

February 21, 2014--The winter Olympics are nearing their end. ABC's Jim Ryan has medal updates live from Sochi, Russia--Click Here

February 21, 2014--Movie reviews with ABC's David Blaustein--Click Here

February 21, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on President's budget and the Dalai Lama at the White House--Click Here

February 19, 2014--New emergency communications system starts up in Spokane County--Click Here

February 19, 2014--Former Biggest Loser winner Ali Vincent talks about the Go Red For Women luncheon in Spokane--Click Here

February 19, 2014--Is Miley Cyrus' tour too racy?--Click Here

February 19, 2014--Live from Sochi, Russia-ABC's Jim Ryan has an Olympic update--Click Here

February 19, 2014--Online doctor reviews-are they worth it?--Click Here

February 18, 2014--Theft leaves Moscow, Idaho Special Olympics team without equipment--Click Here

February 18, 2014--Climbing fees for Mount Everest are being cut in half. Local climber shares his thoughts on what this means--Click Here

February 18, 2014--Authors of HRC:State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton--Click Here

February 18, 2014--U.S. medal count and what to watch today in the Olympics--Click Here

February 18, 2014--President's trade trip to Mexico hits obstacles--Click Here

February 18, 2014--There's no clown around! Concerns of a nation-wide clown shortage--Click Here

February 14, 2014--Councilman Mike Fagan on the opening of a male bikini coffee stand--Click Here

February 14, 2014--Representative Kevin Parker on the state transportation budget proposal--Click Here

February 14, 2014--Doug Miller says Diamond Cup is a go for 2014--Click Here

February 13, 2014-- Hot Cup of Joe, a coffee shop featuring shirtless men is set to open up on Friday --Click Here

Februyary 13, 2014-- Taking your date to the movies for Valentine's Day? Movie Mom has the scoop on what to watch --Click Here

February 13, 2014-- How is the US doing at the Winter Olympics? ABC's Jim Ryan has an update --Click Here

Febraury 13, 2014-- ABC's Brad Garrett talks on terrorists using drones to kill U.S. Citizens; the Loud Music Murderer and a new study on school shootings --Click Here

February 12, 2014 -- Drink wine and raise money for the Spokane Human Society at Puppy Love with Wine-- Click Here

February 12, 2014 -- Mike Patrick warns against tax related scams using the URS name-- Click Here

February 12, 2014-- ABC's Jim Ryan gives the latest details from US teams in Sochi-- Click Here

February 11, 2014--Winthrop, Wa. is home to several Olympians. Cross Country coach and three-time Olympian Leslie Hall on the Olympic training ground in Winthrop--Click Here

February 11, 2014--Spokane City Council tackles police guild contract and solid waste system--Click Here

February 11, 2014--Harlem Globetrotter's Firefly visits Spokane to talk about upcoming show--Click Here

February 11, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan live from Sochi, Russia with medal count and women's hockey--Click Here

February 11, 2014--The battle over internet gambling heats up--Click Here

February 7, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan watches the Olympic opening ceremony in Sochi, Russia--Click Here

February 7, 2014--Mount Spokane Ski Resort is open again after a closure becuase of dangerous wind chill--Click Here

February 7, 2014--Union Gospel Mission holds job fair--Click Here

February 7, 2014--Jay Leno's last show--Click Here

February 7, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the Senate failing to extend unemployment benefits and the January jobs reports is out--Click Here

February 6, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan live in Sochi, Russia with the latest developments at the Olympics--Click Here

February 6, 2014--Alarming statistics about Heroin use in the U.S.--Click Here

February 6, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on her Lifetime Achievement award and the President's busy schedule--Click Here

February 5, 2014--Sex trade ring is busted on the East Coast--Click Here

February 5, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on new Obamacare report--Click Here

February 4, 2014--Send your Valentine a "Cinna-gram" and help out a good cause in Spokane--Click Here

February 4, 2014--"Miracle on the Hudson" flight attendant shares her story of survival--Click Here

February 4, 2014--Political parties hold "issues" conferences to discuss where the battle lines will be drawn--Click Here

February 4, 2014--Winter storms cause flight cancellations and headaches for travelers and airlines--Click Here

January 31, 2014--KXLY's Keith Osso is covering the Seahawks in NYC--Click Here

January 31, 2014--Third World countries benefit from the losing team in the Super Bowl--Click Here

January 31, 2014--Bob Ibach on special Seahawk's commemorative footballs that will help Pete Carroll's charity--Click Here

January 31, 2014--Paul Moyer with the Seahawks broadcast group on what's going through player's minds--Click Here

January 31, 2014--Jessamyn McIntyre, WSU sideline reporter and ESPN Seattle Executive Producer is in NYC covering the Seahawks--Click Here

January 31, 2014--New movies this weekend? Or Super Bowl? ABC's David Blaustein has this advice--Click Here

January 31, 2014--ABC's Tom Rivers on Amanda Knox guilty verdict in Italy--Click Here

January 31, 2014--Former President Bill Clinton will speak at Senate Democrats retreat--Click Here

January 31, 2014--The Spokane Boat Show is underway--Click Here

January 31, 2014--Rep. Jeff Holy on his measure that would require the unemployed to perform community service--Click Here

January 30, 2014--Spokane Mayor David Condon talks about his State of the City address--Click Here, Part Two

January 30, 2014--KXLY's Keith Osso is in NYC covering the Super Bowl--Click Here

January 30, 2014--Sex trafficking and the Super Bowl--Click Here

January 30, 2014--Verdict in Amanda Knox appeals trial should come down Thursday morning--Click Here

January 30, 2014--President takes his State of the Union message on the road--Click Here

January 29, 2014--U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers on her Republican response to the President's speech--Click Here Part One, Part Two, Part Three

January 29, 2014--KXLY's Tom Giles is in NYC covering the Seahawks and the Super Bowl--Click Here

January 29, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on some college athletes trying to form a union--Click Here

January 29, 2014--Businesses are changing the way they swipe your credit and debit cards--Click Here

January 29, 2014--Breaking down the President's State of the Union speech and what's next--Click Here

January 29, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on the President's State of the Union speech--Click Here

January 28, 2014--Our KXLY team is in NYC covering the Super Bowl. Keith Osso on Media Day--Click Here

January 28, 2014--Spokane food and travel blogger offers some great ideas for Super Bowl snacks--Click Here

January 28, 2014--For $100,000, you can have quite the elite Super Bowl experience. No Limit Air has package deals--Click Here

January 28, 2014--Super Bowl security starts to take shape--Click Here

January 28, 2014--Preparations for the State of the Union and NSA reform--Click Here

January 28, 2014--What to expect from the President's State of the Union and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Republican response--Click Here

January 27, 2014--KXLY's Keith Osso and Tom Giles are in NYC covering the Super Bowl. Hear their reports every morning at 6:30!--Click Here

January 27, 2014--Find out how to get a special commemorative Super Bowl football and display case--Click Here

January 27, 2014--Washington Senator Michael Baumgartner on his proposal to use money from marijuana sales for law enforcement--Click Here

January 27, 2014--Department of Transportations' Al Gilson on Spokane projects--Click Here

January 27, 2014--Entertainment reporter David Blaustein on the Grammy's--Click Here

January 27, 2014--Backstage at the Grammy Awards--Click Here

January 27, 2014--A look at the economy this week with Richard Davies--Click Here

January 24, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on NSA review board recommendations and U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers delivering Republican response to State of the Union--Click Here

January 24, 2014--Coaches vs. Cancer kicks off with Zags game this weekend-Find out where to get your "Believe" shirt--Click Here

January 24, 2014--The Jersey Report from Dick's Sporting Goods--Click Here

January 24, 2014--Geiger Corrections Center starts up a home monitoring program to save money--Click Here

January 24, 2014--Kim Komando offers tips on dealing with debit/credit card security breaches--Click Here

January 24, 2014--"Goodfellas" mobsters arrested more than 30 years later--Click Here

January 24, 2014--David Blaustein offers his thoughts on "I Frankenstein" not being screened for critics--Click Here

January 24, 2014--Saturday is National Gonzaga Day. Learn how you can be involved--Click Here

January 24, 2014--ABC's Political Director Rick Klein on President's State of the Union address and U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Republican response--Click Here

January 23, 2014--Spokane Mayor David Condon is in Washington DC to talk to lawmakers about funding for homeless programs in Spokane--Click Here

January 23, 2014--Pride Prep's Brenda McDonald on Spokane's first Charter school--Click Here

January 23, 2014--Rep. Kevin Parker on the first 2 weeks of the legislative session and minimum wage proposals--Click Here

January 23, 2014--White House beefs up efforts to stop sexual assault on college campuses--Click Here

January 23, 2014--Movie Mom Nell Minnow on the movies opening up this weekend--Click Here

January 23, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett looks at security issues for big events like the Superbowl and Olympics--Click Here

January 23, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on how crews are preparing for snow and ice at the Superbowl--Click Here

January 22, 2014--Pink Tie Guys of Eastern Washington host "Skate for the Cure" in Spokane--Click Here

January 22, 2014--Entertainment report with ABC's David Blaustein and all he wants to talk about is Richard Sherman!--Click Here

January 22, 2014--Republican National Committee kicks off as parties seize abortion rights as midterm issue--Click Here

January 22, 2014--Live from Sochi, Russia on latest security scares--Click Here

January 20, 2014--MLK Day observances in Spokane and how police are protecting you--Click Here

January 20, 2014--Russia investigates new Sochi Olympic games terror threat--Click Here

January 20, 2014--This week in entertainment with ABC's David Blaustein--Click Here

January 20, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on what the President is doing on this MLK Day--Click Here

January 20, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies with a look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

January 17, 2014--Seattle teacher Kevin Zelko helps raise thousands of dollars to give school kids Seahawks jerseys--Click Here

January 17, 2014--Seahawk Broadcasting team's Paul Moyer on trash talk, playing nice and team focus--Click Here

January 17, 2014--Want to see the Hawks play on a really big screen? The Garland Theatre is the place to go--Click Here

January 17, 2014--Seattle reporter Corwin Haeck live from CenturyLink Field in Seattle--Click Here, Part Two

January 17, 2014--Washington's Health Plan Finder tries a unique approach to reach out to uninsured young people--Click Here

January 17, 2014--President to announce NSA surveillance reforms and Congress funds the government through fiscal 2014--Click Here

January 17, 2014--The Vatican answers tough questions about child sex abuse for the first time--Click Here

January 16, 2013--Bud Nameck on trash talk in the Bay area about the upcoming NFC Championship game--Click Here

January 16, 2014--Results from the recent Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over patrols in the region--Click Here

January 16, 2014--Law enforcement announces security preps for Super Bowl at MetLife stadium--Click Here

January 16, 2014--New poll shows the nation is equally divided on pot legalization--Click Here

January 16, 2014--A video sufaces showing "proof of life" of missing Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Idaho--Click Here

January 15, 2014--Justin Bieber's house is searched and police find drugs after egg-throwing incident--Click Here

January 15, 2014--U.S. appeals court strikes down FCC's equal internet access rules--Click Here

January 15, 2014--Judge deals setback in NFL concussion settlement--Click Here

January 15, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan on recent school shooting in Roswell, New Mexico--Click Here

January 14, 2014-- Judge Heavy joined us to talk on the Amanda Knox trial--Click Here

January 14, 2014-- Councilwoman Candace Mumm joined us to talk about last night's City Council meeting --Click Here

January 14, 2014-- HHS Secretary Sebelius announces health insurance marketplace numbers --Click Here

January 14, 2014-- Senate appears to be ready for cloture vote on unemployment benefits --Click Here

January 14, 2014-- ABC's Jim Ryan talks on another jet landing at the wrong airport--Click Here

January 13, 2014--Local movie "Different Drummers" is #1 movie at River Park Square AMC theaters over the weekend--Click Here

January 13, 2014--Senator Andy Billig on Washington's 60-day legislative session--Click Here

January 13, 2014--Flu season means donations are down at the Inland Northwest Blood Center--Click Here

January 13, 2014--A-Rod may be able to return to play sooner than orginally ordered--Click Here

January 13, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the President's week ahead--Click Here

January 13, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on the winners and losers at the Golden Globes--Click Here

January 13, 2014--Behind the scenes at the Golden Globes--Click Here

January 13, 2014--A look at the economy this week--Click Here

January 10, 2014-Spokane Mayor David Condon on Criminal Justice Commission Report and raising the 12th Man flag--Click Here

January 10, 2014--Christie's lane closure fiasco and the political fallout--Click Here

January 10, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on "Her" and "Lone Survivor"--Click Here

January 10, 2014--The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has something for everyone--Click Here

January 10, 2014--The Influenza outbreak rages on--Click Here

January 9, 2014--Spokane Public Schools Dir. of Safety, Transportation and Security, Jason Conley on arming Resource Officers in schools--Click here

January 9, 2014--New Jersey Gov. Christie fires aide and apologizes for traffic jam scandal--Click Here

January 9, 2014--Department of Justice creates new school discipline guidelines--Click Here

January 9, 2014--The President gets ready to make some changes to surveillance programs--Click Here

January 9, 2014--ABC's Brad Garrett on NSA surveillance changes--Click Here

January 8, 2014--New studies shed light on cancer survival rates and smoking in America--Click Here

January 8, 2014--Firestorm in Washington D.C. over former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' memoir--Click Here

January 8, 2014--Dennis Rodman in North Korea for another "friendly game"--Click Here

January 7, 2014--Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers on goals for 2014, unemployment benefits, and the Farm Bill--Click Here

January 7, 2014--Spokane City Councilwoman Amber Waldref on new powers for Council President--Click here

January 7, 2014--Tuesday the one-month mark to the Sochi Winter Olympics. ABC's Tom Rivers on security--Click Here

January 6, 2014--"Polar Votex" hits the U.S causing record low temperatures--Click Here

January 6, 2014--Widespread H1N1 virus hits 25 states including Washington--Click Here

January 6, 2014--President Obama gets back to work. What's on his agenda?--Click Here

January 6, 2014--Retailers release holiday shopping numbers--Click Here

January 3, 2014--USA Cares helps hundreds of military families in the state of Washington--Click Here

January 3, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on what movies he's looking forward to in 2014--Click Here

January 3, 2014--A powerful storm hits the Northeast. ABC's Aaron Katersky was in Manhattan as the snow came down--Click Here

January 2, 2014--Movie Mom has her top movies of 2013--Click Here

January 2, 2014--Terrorism concerns for the Russian Olympics--Click Here

January 2, 2014--North Korea's leader delivers a public speech on New Years that baffles everyone--Click Here

December 30th, 2013--First Night 2013 gets underway Tuesday afternoon. Find out how to ring in the New Year in downtown Spokane--Click Here

December 30th, 2013--CPA Mike Patrick with end-of-year tax strategies--Click Here

December 30th, 2013--Federal healthcare enrollments surge in December--Click Here

December 30th, 2013--ABC's Aaron Katersky on tougher gun control restrictions passed in Connecticut--Click Here

December 30th, 2013--A look back at the economy 2013--Click Here

December 27th, 2013--Did you watch the Hobbit over Christmas? You weren't alone. Entertainment reporter Andrea Drisdale with movie reviews--Click Here

December 27th, 2013--ABC's Scott Goldberg on a good year for Wall Street--Click Here

December 23rd, 2013--Target security breach fallout--Click Here

December 23rd, 2013--It's THAT deadline! ABC's Scott Goldberg on the first deadline for Obamacare if you want to have coverage beginning January 1st--Click Here

December 23rd, 2013--ABC's Tom Rivers on volatile situation in Sudan--Click Here

December 20th, 2013--WSU Cougars get ready for the Gildan New Mexico Bowl on Saturday. KXLY 920's Bud Nameck with a preview--Click Here, Part Two

December 20th, 2013--Target shoppers learn about security hack that could jeopardize their credit/debit cards--Click Here

December 20th, 2013--ABC's Jim Ryan on counterfeit goods making their way across the U.S-Mexican border this holiday season--Click Here

December 20th, 2013--Fixing the International Space Station with snorkels and diapers--Click Here

December 19th, 2013--Inland Northwest Blood Center hosts a Holiday Heroes Blood Drive. Find out how you can give back--Click Here

December 19th, 2013--Crime and Terrorism analyst Brad Garrett on threats of mass shootings and why more people are trying to take guns on planes--Click Here

December 19th, 2013--ABC's Steven Portnoy on White House panel's advice on NSA data gathering tactics--Click Here

December 18th, 2013--EWU Athletic Director Bill Chaves on the Eagles semi-finals matchup with Towson on Saturday--Click Here

December 18th, 2013--Fewer teens are using cocain and smoking cigarettes. But what about pot?--Click Here

December 18th, 2013--ABC's Ann Compton on the bi-partisan budget deal that is one step closer to passing--Click Here

December 18th, 2013--The defense rests its case against Amanda Knox in her 3rd murder trial in italy--Click Here

December 17th, 2013--Spokane Mayor David Condon on council's decision to table Ombudsman vote--Click Here Part One, Part Two

December 17th, 2013--Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart on what's next for the Ombudsman ordinance--Click Here

December 17th, 2013--Federal judge rules against N.S.A phone data program-Click Here

December 13, 2013--Happy 50th birthday to Schweitzer Mountain Resort this weekend-Find out about all the resort's planned events--Click Here

December 13, 2013--Wreaths Across America holds special ceremony at Washington State Veterans Cemetery--Click Here

December 13, 2013--Salvation Army's Major Steve Ball on the Red Kettle campaign and the need for more donations--Click Here

December 13, 2013--'Million Dollar Quartet' comes to Spokane-Hear from "Johnny Cash"--Click Here

December 13, 2013--ABC's David Blaustein loves "American Hustle"--Click Here

December 13, 2013--Fascinating story to watch Friday night on ABC's 20/20-Matt Gutman with a preview--Click Here

December 12, 2013--ABC's Vic Ratner on the latest with the recent bi-partisan budget deal--Click Here

December 12, 2013--As the anniversary of the Newtown school shooting nears, ABC's Brad Garrett talks about what's being done to prevent future incidents--Click Here

December 12, 2013--Movie Mom Nell Minnow on the movies opening this weekend and her take on some of the Golden Globe Noms--Click Here

December 11, 2013--EWU Athletic Director Bill Chaves on upcoming game against Jacksonville State--Click Here

December 11, 2013--Myk Crawford on his venture www. cougshirts.com where you'll find Cougar bowl apparel--Click Here

December 11, 2013--Second Harvest Food Bank hopes to raise about $80k in the next two months to meet the extra need in Spokane--Click Here

December 11, 2013--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on "that handshake"--Click Here

December 11, 2013--GM shakes up auto industry by hiring female CEO--Click Here

December 10, 2013--Memorial for Nelson Mandela is one of the largest in generations--Click Here

December 10, 2013--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on the President's speech and surprise handshake at Mandela's memorial--Click Here

December 10, 2013--Wa. Department of Transportation delays the completion of Highway 195 interchange project--Click Here

December 10, 2013--Holiday travel advice and how to find the best airfare to New Mexico for the Cougar game--Click Here

December 10, 2013--Stuff the Trunk donation drive for Meals On Wheels Spokane--Click Here

December 9, 2013--Go Cougs! WSU Cougars are headed to the Gildan New Mexico Bowl! Bowl Director Jeff Siembieda on getting to the game--Click Here

December 9, 2013--A look at the 2016 Presidential election-The authors of the book "Double Down: Game Change 2012" share their thoughts on the likely candidates from both sides--Click Here

December 9, 2013--American dignitaries and President Obama leave for South Africa to attend Mandela's funeral--Click Here

December 9, 2013--ABC's Richard Davies with a look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

December 6, 2013--WSU President Dr. Elson Floyd on grand opening of Riverpoint Campus' Biomedical Building--Click Here

December 6, 2013--Nelson Mandela dies at the age of 95. Live reports from Johannesburg, South Africa and London, England--Click Here, Part Two

December 6, 2013--ABC's Entertainment Correspondent David Blaustein has his review of Sound of Music Live! And, 'Out of the Furnace'--Click Here

December 5, 2013--Hope for the Holidays-Help the Union Gospel Mission with needed supplies and donations. And, hear from a Spokane woman who turned her life around with UGM programs--Click Here Part One, Part Two

December 5, 2013--Operation Spokane Heroes plans fun night at the Looff Carrousel--Click Here

December 5, 2013--ABC's Ann Compton on President Obama challenging GOP to come up with an alternative to Obamacare--Click Here

December 5, 2013--911 tapes released from Sandy Hook shootings. ABC's Brad Garrett on why tapes could discourage people from calling 911--Click Here

December 5, 2013--Fast food workers in 100 cities walk off the job today demanding more pay--Click Here

December 4, 2013--EWU Eagles football team gets ready to take on the Jack Rabbits on Saturday. Click Here to listen to Athletic Director Bill Chaves.

December 4, 2013--Nell Minnow of Moviemom.com reviews the movies opening this weekend--Click Here

December 4, 2013--TSA announces new pre-check program--Click Here

December 3, 2013--Spokane's Sophia Caruso hits the big time as a von Trapp child in live Sound Of Music telecast--Click Here to hear what's next for this young singer, actor and dancer.

December 3, 2013--BBB's Chelsea Mcguire on the 12 Scams of Christmas--Click Here

December 3, 2013--Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign gets underway in Spokane. Target Zero Manager Karen Wigen--Click Here

December 3, 2013--News gets better for healthcare.gov, but users are still experiencing some website problems--Click Here

December 3, 2013--Cyber Monday was a huge success for online retailers--Click Here

December 2, 2013--Asst. Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer on prevalence of house fires this time of year--Click Here

December 2, 2013--Black Friday is in the books. How did retailers fare?--Click Here

December 2, 2013--China sends landing craft to the moon and starts arguments over airspace--Click Here

December 2, 2013--Healthcare.gov site is supposed be working at full speed right now. ABC's White House Correspondent Ann Compton has an update--Click Here

November 29, 2013--5th annual benefit hockey game between Spokane Police and Spokane Sheriff's Office--Click Here

November 29, 2013--Obamacare update. ABC's Steven Portnoy on latest fixes to healthcare.gov--Click Here

November 29, 2013--The UK trying to curb teen smoking with study on cigarette ads--Click Here

November 29, 2013--Black Friday in NYC. ABC's Aaron Katersky on retail sales--Click Here

November 27, 2013--What's hot in technology this holiday season? Engadget's Darren Murph knows--Click Here

November 27, 2013--ABC's David Blaustein on 'Frozen' and 'Homefont', two of the movies opening this holiday weekend--Click Here

November 27, 2013--ABC's Scott Goldberg on this year's most dangerous toys--Click Here

November 27, 2013--Italian prosecutor in Amanda Knox re-trial wants Knox put away for 30 years--Click Here

November 27, 2013--Fierce storm moves up the East Coast causing problems for holiday travelers--Click Here

November 26, 2013--Councilman Steve Salvatori on the council's approval of city's budget--Click Here

November 26, 2013--Coeur d'Alene's Fedora Pub and Grille makes plans for 3rd annual Community Thanksgiving Meal.--Click Here

November 26, 2013--Cow flatulence blamed for global warming--Click Here

November 26, 2013--Ellen Travolta gets ready for her big Christmas Caberet at the Coeur d'Alene Resort--Click Here

November 26, 2013--What movies to see this Thanksgiving holiday--Click Here

November 26, 2013--It could be clear skies ahead for airline merger between American and US Airways--Click Here

November 26, 2013--And now for something completel different...Monty Python's reunion tour--Click Here

November 26, 2013--ABC's Ann Compton on President shifting his focus to immigration reform--Click Here

November 25, 2013--43-million Americans will travel for the holiday weekend. AAA's Jennifer Cook on the local travel forecast--Click Here

November 25, 2013--What went down at the American Music Awards?--Click Here

November 25, 2013--ABC's Steven Portnoy on U.S. striking a nuke deal with Iran--Click Here

November 25, 2013--The biggest shopping week of the year begins. ABC's Richard Davies on how much consumers are expected to spend this holiday season--Click Here

November 22, 2013--Rep. Kevin Parker on lawmakers meeting in Olympia to discuss transportation in the state--Click Here

November 22, 2013--Deputy Craig Chamberlin gets us ready for the Salvation Army's red kettle donation drive--Click He

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