August 21, 2014--WSU students return to class in Pullman on Monday--Click Here

August 21, 2014--American Ebola patients are set to be released from the hospital--Click Here

August 21, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Consultant Brad Garrett on militarization of law enforcement--Click Here

August 21, 2014--Movie Mom, Nell Minnow asks movie goers to see something other than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles--Click Here

August 21, 2014--ABC's Tom Rivers on investigation into James Foley's execution and the search for the jihadist with the British accent--Click Here

August 20, 2014--President Obama's unwanted war-what are the possible next steps in Iraq--Click Here

August 20, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on President Obama and the U.S offensive in Iraq--Click Here

August 20, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy updates situation from Ferguson, Missouri--Click Here

August 19, 2014--SNAP needs volunteers to help the elderly living in long-term care facilities--Click Here

August 19, 2014--Spokane City Councilman Mike Fagan on dealing with foreclosed properties in the city, and new crosswalks--Click Here

August 19, 2014--Ferguson, Missour remains volatile-ABC's Steven Portnoy is there--Click Here

August 19, 2014--What is the most-stolen car in the U.S?--Click Here

August 18, 2014--Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers in Spokane for Town Hall meeting--Click Here

August 18, 2014--David Blaustein's entertainment report--Click Here

August 18, 2014--New study says mental disabilities among U.S. children is up--Click Here

August 18, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the President returning to the White House during his vacation--Click Here

August 18, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies on the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

August 15, 2014--Okanogan Co. Sheriff Frank Rogers on wildfires, FEMA support and threat of mudslides--Click Here

August 15, 2014--British Air pilot briefly loses control of plane because of artificial arm--Click Here

August 15, 2014--What's happening on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos"--Click Here

August 14, 2014--Cops n' Kids event in Spokane on Saturday enters it's 22nd year--Click Here

August 14, 2014--Help fight hear disease by getting off the couch-The American Heart Assocation's has a way for you to lead a healthier life--Click Here

August 14, 2014--Movie Mom, Nell Minnow reviews The Giver--Click Here

August 14, 2014--ABC's Crime and Terrorism analyst Brad Garrett on investigation into Missouri police-involved shooting--Click Here

August 14, 2014--President Obama weighs his options for rescuing Iraq refugees--Click Here

August 14, 2014--Oxford announces new words for it's online dictionary--Click Here

August 13, 2014--Riverside State Park's Chris Guidotti on the burn ban.--Click Here

August 13, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.--Click Here

August 13, 2014--ABC's Jason Nathanson with more reaction to the death of Robin Williams--Click Here

August 12, 2014--EWU will meet with students and families affected by the Carlton Complex fires.--Click Here

August 12, 2014--ABC's Jason Nathanson on the death of Robin Williams.--Click Here

August 12, 2014--Spokane City Councilwoman Candace Mumm on graffiti and pedestrian safety.--Click Here

August 12,'s Rick Seaney on airline entertainment changes.--Click Here

August 12, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the president on Iraq and Robin Williams.--Click Here

August 8, 2014--Military cemetary in Medical Lake will host special ceremony to inter veteran's remains that were previously unnamed--Click Here

August 8, 2014--Local man starts petition to rename North-South Corridor after Tom Foley--Click Here

August 8, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on the U.S' response to Iraq crisis--Click Here

August 8, 2014--Questioning of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is complete-Find out what's next in the investigation--Click Here

August 8, 2014--ABC's Alex Stone on LAX stowaway back in action--Click Here

August 7, 2014--The National Weather Service in Spokane on our hot, dry weather and whether it will last--Click Here

August 7, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on President's plea to African nations--Click Here

August 7, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on Russian hackers stealing millions of passwords--Click Here

August 7, 2014--Isreali/Hamas leaders try to come to a peace agreement as a cease fire deadline draws near--Click Here

August 6, 2014--Spokane Mayor David Condon on his 2015 city budget proposal--Click Here

August 6, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on U.S.-Africa summit, Army General shot and killed in Kabul and corporate inversions--Click Here

August 6, 2014--Updated information on two American's being treated for Ebola--Click Here

August 6, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan with an update on the investigation into Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's disappearance and capture by the Taliban--Click Here

August 5, 2014--The 2nd American doctor infected with Ebola is scheduled to arrive Tuesday in Atlanta--Click Here

August 5, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on U.S.-Africa Summit at the White House--Click Here

August 5, 2014--Which University takes the spot as Top Party School?--Click Here

August 4, 2014--WSU to induct Steve Gleason into 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame--Click Here

August 4, 2014--Washington Utilities Commission offers a way for you to deal with utilities company problems with "In Your Corner" program--Click Here

August 4, 2014--David Blaustein's entertainment report--Click Here

August 4, 2014--Jordana Miller live from Jerusalem on the latest cease fire--Click Here

August 4, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies with a look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

August 1, 2014--The Washington Attorney General's office challenges recent rate increase requests by Avista Utilities--Click Here

August 1, 2014--Cougar sightings near Spokane prompt warning from Dept. of Wildlife--Click Here

August 1, 2014--Up on the Roof event to raise money for Unity in the Community--Click Here

August 1, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on American Ebola patients being transferred from Africa to the U.S.--Click Here

August 1, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein loves "Gaurdians of the Galaxy" and "Get On Up"--Click Here

August 1, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on the next roll-out of Obamacare and how officials predict it will go--Click Here

July 31, 2014--Washington participates in 15 state emphasis patrol on I-90/94--Click Here

July 31, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy on House threatening to veto border bill and any action taken before 5-week recess--Click Here

July 31, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on killer weather and what that means--Click Here

July 30, 2014--"Give Real Change" campaign gets underway in Spokane--Click Here

July 30, 2014--America's top doctor declares skin cancer a "major public health problem"--Click Here

July 30, 2014--The House of Representatives seriously scales back funding for the border crisis--Click Here

July 30, 2014--ABC's Tom Rivers on new sanctions against Russia--Click Here

July 29, 2014--Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers on VA hospital legislation and immigration reform--Click Here

July 29, 2014--Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers updates the Carlton Complex fires and how communities are trying to move on--Click Here

July 29, 2014--Spokane City Councilman Mike Allen on Streets and Park measures going on the November ballot--Click Here

July 29, 2014--Malaysia flight 17's data recorders reveal new information--Click Here

July 29, 2014--JetBlue airlines considers adding baggage fees, and no deals for airline travelers--Click Here

July 29, 2014--ABC's Jordana Miller from Jerusalem on the Isreal-Palestine conflict--Click Here

July 28, 2014--Pitch for a Cure is August 3rd-Find out how you can help--Click Here

July 28, 2014--Comic-con 2014 recap from ABC's Jason Nathonson, including what Freddie Prinze Jr. says about his time on "24"--Click Here

July 28, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on legislation to reform the country's VA hospitals--Click Here

July 25, 2014--Liquor Control Board member Chris Marr on the opening weeks of recreational marijuana sales in Washington--Click Here

July 25, 2014--Power is still out for thousands of residents in the Spokane area. Avista's Jessie Wuerst with an update--Click Here

July 25, 2014--The 455th Engineer Company out of Hayden, Idaho returns from nearly a year overseas. Wife and mom, Danielle Turner on her husband's return--Click Here

July 25, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein's movie reviews for the weekend--Click Here

July 25, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on Pentagon specialists heading to the border--Click Here

July 24, 2014-- Steve Bodnar from the Spokane National Weather Service on the storm and damages--Click Here

July 24, 2014--Julie Happy with the City of Spokane with an update on the work on Ray and Grand--Click Here

July 24, 2014--Governor Jay Inslee on the federal dollars that will come in to help with the firefighting--Part One. Part Two

July 24, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan on the Arizona botched execution--Click Here

July 24, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on six more GM recalls--Click Here

July 24, 2014--ABC's Brad Garrett on the risk of being hit by a surface-to-missle--Click Here

July 23, 2014--ABC's Jordana Miller on a Gaza rocket landing near Israel's main airport at Israel hammers down on Gaza--Click Here

July 23, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on the crash site investigation still facing obstructions--Click Here

July 23, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on Obamacare facing speed bumbs--Click Here

July 23, 2014--Kevin Parker from Dutch Bros on how to keep donating to help wildfire victims--Click Here

July 22, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on how your cheeseburger is leaving a giant environmental footprint--Click Here

July 22, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on the delivery of the Malaysian crash victims bodies to Dutch authorities--Click Here

July 22,2014--Megan Snow with Red Cross on wildfire donations and the community response--Click Here

July 22, 2014--Spokane City Council Candace Mumm on the wildfires, Riverfront Park and parking meters--Click Here 

July 22, 2014--Kevin Parker from Dutch Bros on how to donate to help wildfire victims--Click Here

July 21, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on mounting concern over downed Malaysian airliner in Ukraine--Click Here

July 21, 2014--ABC's Jordana Miller in Jerusalem on the bloodiest day of the Isreal-Palestine conflict--Click Here

July 21, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein's entertainment report--Click Here

July 19, 2014--Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers on the latest in Pateros, Brewster and surrounding areas dealing with wildfires--Click Here

July 19, 2014--DNR's Tim Percival at one of the Incident Command posts in north central Washington where wildfires have taken a disasterous turn--Click Here

July 19, 2014--Megan Snow from the Inland Northwest Red Cross on helping victims of Washington wildfires--Click Here

July 19, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky in Kiev covering the Malaysian airliner tragedy--Click Here

July 19, 2014--Tech editor for ZDNet Mary Jo Foley on layoffs at Microsoft--Click Here

July 19, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein's weekend movie review--Click Here

July 18, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the President responding to downed Malaysian plane, and crisis in Isreal-Palestine--Click Here

July 18, 2014--Federal government is accusing FedEx of being a national drug trafficker--Click Here

July 17, 2014--Go to the next "Coffee with a Cop" and you could win "The Club" to protect your car--Click Here

July 17, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky in Jerusalem on Isreal-Palestine conflict--Click Here

July 17, 2014--The life unaccomanied immigrant children are leaving behind--Click Here

July 17, 2014--President Obama announces new sanctions against Russia--Click Here

July 17, 2014--Homebuilders start to offer "pet suites" or special rooms for Fido--Click Here

July 16, 2014--Local food service workers learn how to make healthy school lunches from scratch in a "Culinary Boot Camp"--Click Here

July 16, 2014--Spokane County Auditor Vicki Dalton on ballots being sent out for upcoming August primary election--Click Here

July 16, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein's entertainment report-Thor is a woman--Click Here

July 16, 2014--Google starts work on contact lenses that could detect blook sugar levels--Click Here

July 16, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky live from Jerusalem with latest on violence--Click Here

July 16, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on crisis in Isreal and the President's visit with the Hispanic Caucus--Click Here

July 15, 2014--Isreal, Gaza crisis intensifies--Click Here

July 15, 2014--Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is back at work-ABC's Jim Ryan has an update--Click Here

July 15, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the President's push for more funding to help the nation's infrastructure--Click Here

July 14, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein with the weekend movie reviews--Click Here

July 14, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on Israel stepping up strikes on Gaza--Click Here

July 14, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies on tech companies taking center stage--Click Here

July 14, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on a new study dispelling health benefits of moderate drinking--Click Here

July 11, 2014--Author, Steve Koonce, on his book about beer in Idaho--Click Here

July 11, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews this weekend's movies--Click Here

July 11, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on the FTC saying kids' illegal Amazon purchases are costing parents millions--Click Here

July 11, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy on Boehner unveling lawsuit against the president, and it targeting Obamacare--Click Here

July 10, 2014--Department of Natural Resources' Guy Gifford on Long Lake wildfire--Click Here

July 10, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky live from Jerusalem on violence from Isreal-Palestine conflict--Click Here

July 10, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Consultant Brad Garrett on arrest of notorious international hacker--Click Here

July 10, 2014--New reports shows colleges and universities are doing little to combat sexual assault on campus--Click Here

July 9, 2014--How did the first day of legal pot sales go for Spokane's Green Leaf?--Click Here

July 9, 2014--The Cheney Rodeo is this weekend. Rodeo Queen Madi Casto has the details--Click Here

July 9, 2014--Spokane Police Spokesperson Monique Cotton on Deaconess shooting and pot sales--Click Here

July 9, 2014--Isreal steps up defensive with deadly Gaza bombings--Click Here

July 9, 2014--Nighttime congressional hearing casts more bad light on VA hospital scandal--Click Here

uly 9, 2014--President Obama and Texas Governor Rick Perry finalize their face-to-face meeting on immigrant children crisis in U.S.--Click Here

July 8, 2014--Washington Liquor Control Board Member Chris Marr on beginning of legal retail marijuana in the state--Click Here, Part Two

July 8, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on what's next in the immigrant children crisis--Click Here

July 8,'s Rick Seaney on how new airline security regulations will affect you--Click Here

July 7, 2014--Cell phones become latest security target on overseas flights heading into the U.S.--Click Here

July 7, 2014--If you're a lover of rare, unique cars--Click Here

July 7, 2014--Germany is ticked off again over U.S. spying business--Click Here

July 7, 2014--The latest on the immigrant children crisis in the U.S.--Click Here

July 7, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies takes a look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

July 3, 2014--Movie Mom, Nell Minnow reviews this holiday weekend's new movies--Click Here

July 3, 2014--The TSA is increasing airport security at some overseas airports-Crime and Terrorism consultant Brad Garrett explains why--Click Here

July 3, 2014--How the President is spending his 4th of July weekend-and it's not what you think--Click Here

July 3, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg introduces hurricane Arthur and what it is expected to do to the Carolina coastline--Click Here

July 2, 2014--ABC's Matt Wolfe covering the biggest stories in entertainment--Click Here

July 2, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on U.S National Soccer team out of the World Cup--Click Here

July 2, 2014--Nancy Hill from SCRAPS on how to protect your pets during this holiday weekend--Click Here

July 2, 2014--Al Gilson from the Department of Transportation on 4th of July patrols--Click Here

July 2, 2014--Idaho State Governor on Butch Otter on new gun laws and pot on campus part one--Click Here

July 2, 2014--Idaho State Governor on Butch Otter on new gun laws and pot on campus part two--Click Here

July 1, 2014--Spokane's fireworks ban has worked well!--Click Here

July 1, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein movie reviews for the holiday weekend--Click Here

July 1, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan on the cost of living.--Click Here

June 30, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on Facebook underfire over psychology study--Click Here

June 30, 2014--ABC"s Aaron Katersky on the suspect in Benghazi attack arraigned in U.S--Click Here

June 30, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies on gas prices heating up--Click Here

June 27, 2014--The medical tents are ready if you get hurt in Hoopfest--Click Here

June 27, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on Transformers--Click Here

June 27, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on the U.S. World Cup team preparing for Belgium--Click Here

June 26, 2014--ABC's Brad Garrett on ISIS: the world's most powerful terrorist organization--Click Here

June 26, 2014--Movie Mom reviews the weekend movie releases--Click Here

June 26, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy on Supreme Court  rules on Aereo, cell phone searches, with more to come--Click Here

June 26, 2014--Matt Santangelo from Hoopfest on what it takes to get ready for the big weekend event--Click Here

June 26, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on USA VS. Germany, with a spot in the World Cup knock out stage on the line--Click Here

June 25, 2014--ABC's Matt Wolfe on anniversary of Michael Jackson's death--Click Here

June 25, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on crisis in Iraq and immigrant children problem in the U.S.--Click Here

June 25, 2014--KFC says claim that "disfigured" little girl got kicked out of restaurant is all a hoax by the girl's family--Click Here

June 24, 2014--Car chase in Spokane valley keeps deputies busy--Click Here

June 24, 2014--Spokane City Council member Amber Waldref on new food truck regulations--Click Here

June 24, 2014--Earth smashed a record for heat in May. What does this mean?--Click Here

June 24, 2014--Sec. of State John Kerry says fate of Iraq could be decided this week--Click Here

June 24, CEO Rick Seaney on higher airfare prices thanks to the TSA--Click Here

June 23, 2014--Mayor David Condon attends U.S Conference of Mayors to tout city's Integrated Clean Water Plan--Click Here

June 23, 2014--Perinatal hospice comes to Spokane--Click Here

June 23, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein's entertainment report--Click Here

June 23, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on crisis in Iraq and the President advocating for working families--Click Here

June 23, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies looks at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

June 19, 2014--Engadget reviews the new Amazon smartphone--Click Here

June 19, 2014--The Hayden little league tries to deal with repeated vandalism and burglary at baseball fields--Click Here

June 19, 2014--Washington Redskins trademark revoked. The team reacts--Click Here

June 19, 2014--Crime and Terrorism consultant Brad Garrett on rise in terror groups and what the U.S. should do--Click Here

June 18, 2014--#1 suspect in the Benghazi attack is captured by Navy Seals--Click Here

June 18, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on situation in Iraq--Click Here

June 18, 2014--Beef prices hit an all time high and they're still rising--Click Here

June 18, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on "The Situation's" arrest and Shailene Woodley's dream role--Click Here

June 17, 2014--City Council President Ben Stuckart on "Photo Red" lawsuit and pesticide effects on honeybees--Click Here

June 17, 2014--A class action lawsuit is being filed against Spokane's "Photo Red" program--Click Here

June 17, 2014--Spokane County offers app to find out if a sex offender is living in your neighborhood--Click Here

June 17, 2014--Washington's health plan finder teams up with young people to help college students enroll in health insurance--Click Here

June 17, 2014--President Obama consideres military options in Iraq--Click Here

June 17, 2014--GM issues another recall and explains why so many recalled vehicles aren't fixed yet--Click Here

June 13, 2014-- Beth Bousley from Spokane Transit, on STA hosting Flag Day celebration--Click Here

June 13, 2014-- World Cup begins in Brazil, Erica Adelson with Yahoo! Sports--Click Here

June 13, 2014-- White House weighs options in Iraq Crisis, ABC's Ann Compton--Click Here

June 13, 2014-- ABC's Jason Nathanson reviews this weekends movies--Click Here

June 12, 2014-- Rebecca Gunselman with Robert Karl Cellars discussing Swirl Washington--Click Here

June 12, 2014-- Movie Mom reviews the weekend movie releases--Click Here

June 12, 2014-- House majority leader Cantor steps down; Hagel defends Bergdahl Swap, Steven Portnoy--Click Here

June 12, 2014-- ABC's Brad Garrett on lone wolf terrorist attacks and school shootings--Click Here

June 12, 2014-- 20 years ago OJ Simpson was accused of two murders, ABC's Alex Stone--Click Here

June 11, 2014-- Doug Clark to spill all of the details on Street Music Week --Click Here

June 11, 2014-- Colonel James Wallace talks about the National Guard disaster response exercise--Click Here

June 11, 2014--State elections conference discussed with Kim Wyman--Click Here 

June 11, 2014--Ann Compton on Eric Cantor's defeat by David Brat--Click Here

June 10, 2014--City councilman Steve Salvatori says goodby to Spokane to continue work with his company in Texas--Click Here

June 10, 2014--Wilson Elementary nears end of fundraiser with Seattle Seahawks--Click Here

June 10, 2014--The VA releases results of nationwide audit on wait times at VA hospitals--Click Here

June 10, 2014--Wal-Mart trucks are linked to hundreds of accidents and several deaths over last 2 years--Click Here

June 10, 2014--E3 2014 kicks off this week--Click Here

June 10, 2014--Online gamers witness home invasion and alert police--Click Here

June 9, 2014--Spokane's homeless count reveals fewer families and vets are on the streets--Click Here

June 9, 2014--Washington Policy Center's Chris Cargill talks about proposal to give people the ability to testify in front of the legislature remotely--Click Here

June 9, 2014--David Blaustein's entertainment report on the Tony Awards and box office numbers--Click Here

June 9, 2014--Brazen terror attack on airport in Pakistan--Click Here

June 9, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on President facing more questions about Bowe Bergdahl release--Click Here

June 9, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies talks about the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

June 6, 2014--Marshall Powell, co-founder of ElkFest talks about the 10th anniversary of beer and bands--Click Here

June 6, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky live from Belmont Park with a preview of the Belmont Stakes--Click Here

June 6, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews "Edge of Tomrorow" and "Fault in our Stars"--Click Here

June 6, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton live from Normandy, France with the President for D-Day commemorations--Click Here

June 5, 2014--Spokane City Council and local food truck owners try to find a compromise on proposed regulations for the food truck business--Click Here

June 5, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and the backlash--Click Here

June 5, 2014--Obamacare flaws could jeopardize coverage for 1 in 4 Americans--Click Here

June 4, 2014--Eastern Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers on Veteran Affairs and Bowe Bergdahl--Part One, Part Two

June 4, 2014--ABC's Stephen Portnoy on the fallout from the Bergdahl exchange in the nation's capital--Click Here

June 4, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on the effort to curtail lasers pointed at airplanes.--Click Here

June 3, 2014--Washington Governor Jay Inslee on carbon emission laws and state gun control measures--Click Here

June 3, 2014--Spokane City Councilman Jon Snyder on several measures unanimously approved during Monday's meeting--Click Here

June 3, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton live from Warsaw, Poland on G-7 Summit--Click Here

June 3, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on report of how male or female names of hurricanes affects our perception of the storm--Click Here

June 3, 2014--This year will cost more than ever to take that Summer vacation--Click Here

June 2, 2014--Eastern Washington University gets an "anchor" building on the Riverpoint Campus--Click Here

June 2, 2014--The GOP sounds off on the President's prisoner exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl--Click Here

June 2, 2014--Obama Administration defends prisoner swap for captured soldier Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl--Click Here

June 2, 2014--The rising cost of Summer fun. How much will it cost to go on that Summer vacation?--Click Here

May 30, 2014--Room for 50 more teams in 2014's Hoopfest--Click Here

May 30, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on a meeting Friday between the President and VA Secretary Eric Shinseki--Click Here

May 30, 2014--The "Stop and Frisk" policy in one Miami neighborhood has gotten out of control--Click Here

May 29, 2014--SkyFest gets underway at Fairchild Air Force Base this weekend-Find out about the line-up of events--Click Here

May 29, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on how communities can find ways to stop mass shootings before they happen--Click Here

May 29, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the political ramifications of the VA hospital investigation--Click Here

May 29, 2014--Inspector General investigation into VA hospital scandal reveals a true "secret waiting list" of veterans needing medical care--Click Here

May 28, 2014-- Kootenai County adult spelling bee--Click Here

May 28, 2014--ABC's Alex Stone on the memorial at Santa Barbra--Click Here

May 28, 2014-- Ellen Travolta and Jack Bannon on Love Letters--Click Here

May 28, 2014--Poker World Series with ABC's Scott Goldberg--Click Here

May 27, 2014--The first Honor Flight of 2014 takes off from Spokane headed to Washington D.C.--Click Here

May 27, 2014--Head to Tonasket for the rodeo this week! Rodeo Queen Miss Tonasket has the details--Click Here

May 27, 2014--Details continue to emerge about the mental state of Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger--Click Here

May 27, 2014--Nigeria's military says it's located the kidnapped school girls. ABC's Linda Albin has an update on what will happen next--Click Here

May 23, 2014--The Veteran's Cemetary in Medical Lake will host a special ceremony on Memorial Day-Get the details--Click Here

May 23, 2014--The Battle at Deep Creek, a civil war re-enactment takes place this weekend--Click Here

May 23, 2014--Boating safety will be scrutinized by local law enforcement this weekend--Click Here

May 23, 2014--Grand Coulee Dam starts its brand new laser light show this weekend--Click Here

May 23, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein says new X-Men movie is thrilling and worth seeing--Click Here

May 23, 2014--VA Secretary Shinseki says he will not step down-ABC's Ann Compton has an update--Click Here

May 23, 2014--It's the day Americans hit the roads for Memorial Day Weekend-Click Here

May 22, 2014--Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the camping season. Riverside State Park is nearly full-Find out about other activities at the state park this weekend--Click Here

May 22, 2014--Britain's Prince Charles in hot water for comments comparing Putin to Hitler--Click Here

May 22, 2014--Crime and Terrorism analyst Brad Garrett on child porn arrests and what can be done to stop abusers--Click Here

May 22, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on VA hospital scandal and President promoting tourism--Click Here

May 21, 2014--Seahawks team up with Spokane's Wilson Elementary to help Guild's School-Russell Wilson will talk to kids via teleconference--Click Here

May 21, 2014--Blind runner David Kuhn makes a stop in Spokane on his way to run around the U.S.--Click Here

May 21, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy on fallout from VA hospital investigation--Click Here

May 21, 2014--Red-light running is an urban epidemic, especially this Memorial Day weekend--Click Here

May 21, 2014--How much you need to earn to buy a home in some of the biggest cities in the U.S.--Click Here

May 20, 2014--City Council President Ben Stuckart on food truck ordinance and postponing decision--Click Here

May 20, 2014--KXLY's Lawn and Garden Show host Phyllis Stephens talks about dealing with yellow jackets and dandelions this Spring--Click Here

May 20, 2014--One year anniversary of deadly tornado in Moore, Oklahoma--Click Here

May 20, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on VA scandal and whether "heads will roll" in the department--Click Here

May 20, 2014--Nearly 100 people arrested around the world in "Blackshades" crackdown--Click Here

May 19, 2014--Odessa, Wa. teen gets offered scholarships and an internship for his groundbreaking science project--Click Here

May 19, 2014--ABC's White House Correspondent Ann Compton on President's choice fto lead HUD--Click Here

May 19, 2014--The U.S. charges hackers in China with economic espionage, cyber spying--Click Here

May 19, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein talks about the amazing technology that created a hologram of Michael Jackson at the Billboard Music Awards--Click Here

May 19, 2014--A look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

May 16, 2014--Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers talks about mid-term elections, VA hospital's audit and the Lilac Parade--Click Here, Part Two

May 16, 2014--Spokane's Lilac Festival is highlighted with Armed Forces Torchlight Parade on Saturday--Click Here

May 16, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein says "Godzilla" has a great ending (don't worry, no spoilers here)--Click Here, Part Two

May 16, 2014--More murder charges for Aaron Hernandez--Click Here

May 16, 2014--FCC approves controversial "Net Neutrality" proposal--Click Here

May 16, 2014--There is a nationwide increase in the number of dog bites resulting in insurance claims--Click Here

May 15, 2014--Spokane Mayor David Condon talks about city parks and streets proposals--Click Here, Part Two--and talks about the first Mayoral Roast at the Bing Theatre--Click Here

May 15, 2014--Governor Jay Inslee talks about state economy and "net neutrality"--Click Here, Part Two

May 15, 2014--Odessa High School student Thorsen Wehr competes against some of the smartest kids in the world at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair-Wehr explains his project--Click Here

May 15, 2014--Developmental Olympics is a special day for students in Mead School District--Click Here

May 15, 2014--Movie Mom, Nell Minnow has a review of "Godzilla" opening this weekend--Click Here

May 15, 2014--Could climate change increase the risk or terrorism around the world? ABC's Brad Garrett addresses the issue--Click Here

May 14, 2014--Spokane County Commissioner Todd Mielke on new Green Bluff event ordinance--Click Here

May 14, 2014--Zumba away to raise money for free mammograms in Spokane--Click Here

May 14, 2014--Wicked cast member Matt Shingledecker talks about playing Fiyero--Click Here

May 14, 2014--Modern Family's wedding and new Batman revealed on social media-ABC's Matt Wolfe--Click Here

May 14, 2014--U.S. drones are now being used in the effort to find kidnapped Nigerian school girls--Click Here

May 14, 2014--Alec Baldwin handcuffed after run-in with NYPD--Click Here

May 13, 2014--Spokane singer Cami Bradley announces big, free concert for Hoopfest--Click Here

May 13, 2014--City Council member Amber Waldref talks about food trucks, and the Logan neighborhood--Click Here

May 13, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on federal fund to fix highways and bridges running dry--Click Here

May 13, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on new study of pregnant women being at higher risk of getting in a car accident--Click Here

May 12, 2014--Grandmother pleads for community help for apartment fire victim in need of baby clothes, formula and essentials--Click here

May 12, 2014--Bob DeVleming on the need for high school football referees--Click Here

May 12, 2014--Entertainment news with ABC's Matt Wolfe--Click Here

May 12, 2014--Some kidnapped Nigerian school girls escape, while new video of other girls surfaces--Click Here

May 12, 2014--Barbara Walters gets exclusive interview with Shelly Sterling, and makes a funny appearance on SNL--Click Here

May 12, 2014--A look ahead at the economy this week--Click Here

May 9, 2014--New beginner ORV course opens at Riverside State Park--Click Here

May 9, 2014--The Junior Lilac Parade makes it's way through Spokane on Saturday--Click Here

May 9, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein says "Neighbors" is profane, R-rated and very good--Click Here

May 9, 2014--House Republicans increase their demands for investigation into Benghazi--Click Here

May 9,l 2014--More people nationwide are biking to work-ABC's Scott Goldberg--Click Here

May 9, 2014--Boko Haram's brutality comes to light after kidnapping of Nigerian school girls--Click Here

May 8, 2014--Spokane's AAA auto/travel club makes the move to bigger and better location-Learn about grand opening celebrations--Click Here

May 8, 2014--Terrorism and Crime Analyst Brad Garrett on likelihood of finding kidnapped Nigerian school girls--Click Here

May 8, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton updates U.S. effort to locate kidnapped Nigerian school girls--Click Here

May 8, 2014--The nation's report card is out and high school seniors aren't doing so well--Click Here

May 7, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on Nigerian school girl abductions--Click Here

May 7, 2014--Spokane County Commissioner Todd Mielke on pot zoning changes--Click Here

May 6, 2014--Spores found in the Tri Cities could cause fatal Valley Fever--Click Here

May 6, 2014--First Lt. Peter Marks from Spokane is one of the final Marines to leave Sangin Valley in Afghanistan-Here his story--Click Here

May 6, 2014--City Councilman Jon Snyder talks about keeping the Spokane River clean--Click Here

May 6, 2014--NIgerian militants threaten to sell kidnapped school girls--Click Here

May 6, 2014--The show will go on after circus acrobats fall during hair-hanging act--Click Here

May 6, 2014--Airlines tried to raise prices 11 times this year, and how to avoid extra airline fees--Click Here

May 5, 2014--Groundbreaking for new park honoring Spokane's sister cities--Click Here

May 5, 2014--Spokane Regional Health District launches new campaign to keep us safe from summertime critters--Click here

May 5, 2014--White House Correspondents dinner is full of comedic relief--Click Here

May 5, 2014--Ukraine crisis: pro-Russians storm police station--Click Here

May 5, 2014--A look at the economy this week with ABC's Richard Davies--Click Here

May 2, 2014--Bloomsday founder, Don Kardong on packet pickup parking, race day weather and who to watch--Click Here

May 2, 2014--New Hoopfest Exec. Dir. Matt Santangelo on registration deadlines and new court locations--Click Here

May 2, 2014--Numerica Credit Union offers banking choices for legal marijuana growers and processors--Click Here

May 2, 2014--New City Hall Plaza and Huntington Park are dedicated in Spokane--Click Here

May 2, 2014--President meets with German Chancelor on crisis in Ukraine--Click Here

May 2, 2014--David Blaustein's review of new Spiderman movie--Click Here

May 2, 2014--Fugitive game is an extreme, adult version of "tag"-Is it legal, dangerous?--Click Here

May 1, 2014--7-time Bloomsday champ Anne Audain to be inducted into the Road Runners Club of America's Hall of Fame this weekend in Spokane--Click Here

May 1, 2014--RiteCare of Washington hosts it's biggest fundraiser of the year-How you can help--Click Here

May 1, 2014--Terrorism and Crime Analyst Brad Garrett on botched execution--Click Here

May 1, 2014--Texas veterinarian accused of using dog as living blood donor--Click Here

May 1, 2014--Benghazi emails released-White House defends correspondence--Click Here

April 30, 2014--Jerry Quinn reflects on saving Spokane's Clock Tower and Expo '74--Click Here

April 30, 2014--The latest on the tornado outbreak--Click Here

April 30, 2014--The NBA bans LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life--Click Here

April 30, 2014--Entertainment news with Andrea Dresdale--Click Here

April 30, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the President's agenda now that he's back from his Asia-Pacific tour--Click Here

April 29, 2014--Spokane City Councilmember Amber Waldref on proposed parks bond and streets levy--Click Here

April 29, 2014--The fallout continues over Donald Sterling's controversial comments--Click Here

April 29, 2014--The worst oubreak of tornadoes this year cuts through neighborhoods in the South--Click Here

april 29, 2014--U.S. ratchets up pressure on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine--Click Here

April 28, 2014--Gonaga's Z-Life group puts on a fashion show to benefit Teen Closet--Click Here

April 28, 2014--George Clooney to be married? David Blaustein has the scoop--Click Here

April 28, 2014--Serious flaw found in Microsoft's Explorer browser--Click Here

April 28, 2014--Clippers owner Donald Sterling faces the NBA after allegedly making racist comments--Click Here

April 28, 2014--A look at the economy this week--Click Here

April 28, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton is in the Philippines with President Obama--Click Here

April 25, 2014--The Eastern Washington Race for the Cure is this weekend! Find out all the details--Click Here

April 25, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on "The Other Woman" and other movies opening this weekend--Click Here

April 25, 2014--A financial roller-coaster for Six Flags amusement parks across the nation--Click Here

April 25, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton is traveling with the President on his Asia tour--Click Here

April 24, 2014-- The Spokane Guild School Penny Drive is just around the corner. Executive Director Dick Boysen gave us the details.--Click Here

April 24, 2014-- ABC's Scott Goldberg on the federal government wanting to crack down on E-Cigarettes.--Click Here

April 24, 2014--- President Obama is visiting Tokyo. ABC's Ann Compton is traveling with the President.  --Click Here

April 23, 2014-- Governor Jay Inslee on the President's visit to Oso, Healthcare and the Bertha project.---Part one --Part two

April 23, 2014-- Nicole Lund talks on her experience running the 2014 Boston Marathon. --Click Here

April 23, 2014-- It is Eagle Week for Eastern Washington University. Football coach Beau Baldwin joined us to talk about the Red and White spring game this Saturday.--Click Here

April 22, 2014-- ABC's Scott Goldberg on a teenager's journey from California to Hawaii in the wheel well of an airplane. --Click Here

April 22, 2014-- The first American man to win the Boston Marathon since 1983 crossed the finish line yesterday. ABC's Aaron Katersky says this is just one of many success stories to come from the race. --Click Here

April 22, 2014-- ABC's Tom Rivers on the questions surfacing as more bodies are found in the sunken South Korean Ferry. --Click Here

April 21, 2014-- Former Congressman George Nethercutt on Spokane's Brightest Minds being honored at the convention center tonight.--Click Here

April 21, 2014-- The St. Georges Robotic Team is headed to the World Championship. Omair Ahmad and Olivia Bridston told us about their projects.  --Click Here

April 21, 2014-- It's WSU Spokane Week! Athletic Director Bill Moos talks on all of the festivities.  --Click Here

April 21, 2014-- Today is the 118th Boston Marathon. ABC's Aaron Katersky reports from Boston.--Click Here

April 21, 2014-- Kim Kommando shared all the details you need to know about the Heartbleed Bug. --Click Here

April 18, 2014--Spokane marathoner Nicole Lund talks about running the Boston Marathon for the first time--Click Here

April 18, 2014--Retiring CEO of Greater Spokane Incorporated talks about leaving GSI, his accomplishments and the economic future of Spokane--Click Here

April 18, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews 'Transcendence' and 'Heaven is For Real'--Click Here

April 18, 2014--Search for surivors of capsized ferry continues--Click Here

April 18, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy updates the crisis in Ukraine--Click Here

April 18, 2014--Facebook rolls out a feature that lets you track your friends in real time--Click Here

April 17, 2014-- The Washington man behind the iconic Boston Marathon Bombing photo, Bill Iffrig joined us live to talk about Bloomsday and his future marathons. --Click Here

April 17, 2014-- Today is thre first of three mock crashes at local high schools to raise awarness about drunk driving. Paul Fuchs with Project Imprint gave us the details.--Click Here

April 17, 2014-- ABC's Brad Garret on public event security measures since the Boston Marathon Bombing.--Click Here

April 17, 2014-- President Obama stepped up the pressure on House Republicans yesterday to take up Immigration Reform. ABC's Ann Compton on the details: --

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